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How to Clean and Maintain Your Sex Doll - globalrealdoll

If you have been unsure about buying a sex doll, this is the sign you need to stop out of your zone and get a high-end sex doll for yourself. A sex doll is not only an investment in your sex life but also in your general wellbeing. Using a sex doll is the best way to explore your sexual fantasies with or without a sexual partner. 

Before the invention of real life sex dolls, most people imagined a blow-up sex doll when they thought about sex dolls. However, thanks to technology, there are several realistic sex dolls that look like an actual woman available on the market; you could also find cheap American Girl dolls. Typically, a sex doll is an image of your dream girl or man built by scientists. They have real human anatomical features and are built to feel like an actual human.

After buying a sex doll, the longevity or durability of the doll depends on how it is cleaned and maintained. Keep reading this article for tips on how to clean your sex doll. 

Tips for Cleaning your Sex Toy

If sex dolls are not cleaned properly, they tend to smell pretty awful and breed bacteria that can get you infected. Below are some items you’ll need to clean your sex doll:

  • Antibacterial soap

  • Soft cloth

  • Vaseline

  • Baby oil

  • Squirt water bottle

  • Powder and corn starch

  • Clean towel

  • Comb

  • Showerhead 

  • Loofah on a stick or swab sponge

Cleaning your sex doll requires a lot of patience and gentleness. It has to be cleaned as often as you use it and store it properly so it doesn’t get damaged. Follow the steps below to learn how to clean your sex doll.

  • Immediately after using your sex doll, get the squirt bottle or vaginal irrigator and fill it with enough soap and water. Push the open end of the irrigator into the orifice and flush out the sex remains. 

  •  Soap up the loofah on a stick or swab sponge and use it to gently scrub the insides of the sex doll. You can use medical pincers to insert the sponge to reach all the areas. Fill the squirt bottle or irrigator with water and use it to rinse out the soap left in the orifices used.

  • Carefully dry your sex doll with a soft or microfiber cloth.

  • When dry, massage the joints and orifices with Vaseline and baby powd

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