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Customer Reviews

When buying a realistic sex doll, especially from the online stores, it’s normal that you want to learn more about how other users feel.

Ideally, the potential customers will be encouraged to make purchases if they can touch and feel the realistic sex dolls beforehand. However, it is not feasible for us to build large showrooms around the world, just to show people these dolls. Maybe in the future, we can. Currently, We only sell these realistic sex dolls online, and our customers have to rely on the information on the website.

This page is designed to help our customers gain the most reliable opinions from the actual sex doll buyers.



Just Buy it And You Won’t Regret it.


I have a fairly active sex life and there is no need to pleasure myself outside of that very often. Having said that, my wife is pregnant and will be unable to have sex for some time. I was so surprised to see how quickly it came after I had ordered it. Man, it does feel very realistic. Let's just say that within a very few minutes, I've become a big fan of my sex doll. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to masturbate in a much more exciting way.


Erick R.



I can hardly wait to see her in full beauty



Today arrived


I am 67 yrs old now. I have A Brown Eyed Blonde with HUGE tits. I tucked her in to be my sleeping mate since my wife passed away. She waits for me in bed EVERY NIGHT. It is incredible how lifelike her skin is...My only complaint is her weight. I have a so bad back that I can't move her all over the place. Anyway, enjoy it, bros.



I'II be back again


Amazing quality! I am so surprised at how soft the skin is. The weight makes it feel so real. Spray on perfume, it will smell nice. Also very easy to clean.



My doll


The doll was superb, very realistic in design which leads to one's enjoyment of this item. It is definitely a 5-star adult good. If I could, I would add another star - that is, I really like the quality, use and enjoyment of this product.





I'm a big fan of sex dolls. I was very impressed with the quality of my doll and so very happy with this purchase. It is definitely worth the price I paid. The feel and stretch of the vagina and anus seemed almost realistic when I used the toy. Within a few minutes, I was close to climax. This first sexual experience was mind-blowing! Even made mytoes curl... This more than satisfies my sexual needs.



Realistic skin-feel


The toy is made out of TPE or Silicone for a very realistic skin-feel. This isn't hard plastic or rubber. That's a great thing! Everything is very detailed, and the feeling is very perfect! Highly recommended and such a nice value for the price!



My doll


I finally bought a premium Rosemary Doll. She is perfect and just like the picture and feels so real and lifelike. By the way, I need to know what glue to use to stick her eyelash back on with. Thanks!!LOL



Never be lonely again!


I just got my doll today and she's hot! She is well packed and easy to assemble. She looked real, and I couldn't wait to spend time in the bedroom with her.



Great Job!


Nice Service! Just received my love doll and it was tracked from the moment it left the shop. She was beyond my expectations. Every question I asked was answered. Great Job!



Fantastic quality and SUPER real


I tend to be discreet and private about these types of purchases. We kept in contact via E-mail, sending progress pictures, verifying head, body, and wig. Delivery went smoothly.From the moment of ordering to the delivery, customer service was amazing! I already want another one!



Definitely A 5-Star Material


This doll is made of silicone material, very incredibly soft and smooth. It feels VERY good. It's elastic and elastic in all the right places. I really can't do justice to words. You must try it yourself. Definitely 5-star material.


The vagina is very nice as could be expected


It is tight and textures in a pleasant fashion. Nothing to complained about but nothing extraordinary. The anus on the other hand sets itself apart. It is tighter than the vagina by a noticable amount. In addition it is less textured and more ribbed. To me this was wonderful. Definitely the favorite experience of any masturbators I used. The vagin

a is up there and is definitely beneficial to have even if the anus is better feeling. The internal length of the holes is significantly longer than most masturbators. This is very appreciated as I have been too long for all previous masturbators I've used, and can definitely say not reaching the end of a hole is preferred.



Great Option


This is a great option for single men or couples who want to spice things up.


pam H.

Correspondence is excellent - very


Correspondence is excellent - very prompt replies . And very helpful.


Great experience!


First of all, I never tried a love doll before, so it was skeptical to have one. But this is a good doll and I was glad I bought it. The texture is amazing and it is comfy to use. It is kinda smaller than the life-size but good enough. The function of the doll is same as described. Feels good and weight is optimum. Definitely recommended.



It's great to do business with them!


Excellent product quality and professional staff!!



Very satisfied!


I recently received my first doll from Globalreal  Dll. I found this website as respectable and trustworthy. There are a lot of shady websites out there that just offer you a sub-par doll. Or just want your money. My doll is amazing! Very nice quality and excellent customer service. They helped me with any questions I had before even buying. Very sat



I highly recommend the Global doll to anyone in the market.


My doll is just one type of them and I really love it! Just like a real woman standing in front of me. It is made to last rough and frequent usage. With stainless steel fully hinged skeleton and flexible joints, my doll can achieve any sex position. This is a MUST BUY, and you won't find a better choice!



Global doll is one of the best adult toys e ever seen.


Global doll is one of the best adult toys I've ever seen. I'm so thrilled about having this amazing sex toy which is so real and incredibly durable.





Great silicone doll at a fair price! Recommended!



Thanks a lot!


XY silicone doll is perfect and the shipment was good too. Thanks a lot!



I really recommend Globalreal doll.


I really recommend Globalreal doll. This is a top quality doll at competitive price.





The silicone body, is extremely lifelike. Feel and stretch of vagina and anus seemed almost realistic.
As I used the toy, it felt very good, and got me close to climax very quickly.



Good quality and A+++ great service!


Good quality and A+++ great service! I am very pleased with my doll and it arrived on time - thank you!


Miranda B.

Vary realistic


Very pleased with everything. She looks very real and her body details are amazing. I’m also very impressed with the customer service rosemary doll’s service is very prompt with sending replies via emails and finding answers via chat.





beautiful looking dolls .


Jean-François V.

Thank you


Everything is perfect

Robert F.

Excellent Quality


Very happy with the purchase. Great customer service and speedy delivery. Will buy from again.


pam Gh



Beautiful awesome doll - very pleased with her! She is incredibly soft and can be posed in so many alluring and seductive ways. I am a woman and a doll collector, but my male friend is indeed captivated by her sensuality.


Miranda B.

Re Nicholas


He is very heavy and very hard to move. The penis that came with it is way too big as well. However very life like and realistic. The customer service with Globalreal doll has been outstanding. I was not impressed with ups who delivered my parcel. There was a note on the box from Rosemary stating to be picked up by customer and they left the packageat the front of my house in the driveway where anyone could have opened it or taken it. Very not impressed by ups



Elsie the Angel


Unbelievable !! The most Realistic Doll I have ever seen . Can't wait for her arrival !!



Great online shopping experience!


The packaging is very sealed and there are no privacy issues to worry about. As I opened the package, I was so surprised. The doll looks really beautiful. Just like a real woman, it feels real and has no peculiar smell. In short, I am very satisfied with its quality. A great online shopping experience!


I was impressed with the nice product and the excellent service.


I got a cute doll and free clothes here. She is so hot and I love her so much!!!



Exactly what I wanted


I got exactly what I wanted.



Highly recommend Globalreal doll!


Perfect sized and worth the money! Best realistic sex doll I bought!


Randy F.

You won't be disappointed!


You definitely won't be disappointed. Very realistic! This is worth every penny, believe me!



It was an amazing experience.


Originally I was going to go with the cheaper more attractive (to me) sex doll that was just the ass, however, some friends thought this would be funny and I agreed. Without doubt, it is a little unsettling to have a tiny torso in your possession. I was more than a little hesitant to use it, especially considering I was surprised by the fact it had a rigid back. After feeling the weight of it and noticing the nice ass, I decided to at least try it out.
The feeling of using it, in my opinion, is far superior to any and all Fleshlights/masturbators. I have used masturbators before and while objectively they felt better in every way to a hand, I never used them as it didn't add enough to masturbation to make it worth while. The weight, size, and rigidity adds a lot to the experience, more than you would think. Combined with the feel of the holes themself it was an amazing experience.



Perfect In All Aspects


I have had my doll for about 1 months. It is a high-quality item and performs well. The price is definitely worth it. I would highly recommend and would buy again from globalrealdoll. They are very reputable and stand by their products.


S. K

Great Doll!!


For someone who is away from his partner for a longer period of time, this doll will be a great sex partner single. If you are innovative, the possibilities are endless. It can be used to spice up the bedroom romance of a couple. Also, it would be a great foursome option to add a female and a male doll!LOL.



Definitely worth every penny.


Actually, I've owned an identical doll as this but I've definitely enjoyed this one. The weight is great for me, but it might be too heavy for others. The texture of the inner crevices and the backbone on this doll makes it stand out. The back support makes it manageable to use. The sturdiness makes a variety of positions more possible. globalrealDoll customer service is great and very responsive. I will purchase again.



Unbeatable Experience!

06/12/20’m really amazed at how lifelike this doll is. The skin feels so real. The look, feel, and weight each add to all the realistic details. The TPE material is so amazing to the touch. And the doll not only obeys my every command but also keeps me cool. LOL! This is an Unbeatable Experience to work with Globalrealdoll. Everything was!



Well, amazing experience!


I can say it was one of the best times I've ever spent with toys. The weight of the doll was perfect. It was not too heavy or light, but enough to make it feel like a real person. The realistic skin texture made it even better. Also, the but and boobs are the perfect size to grab with a nice firmness to them. The vagina and anal had a nice suctionwith being the right kind of tight.



More than satisfied with the experience!


Considering the budget, I bought a woman's torso in a smaller size. This was my first time tried the headless and limbless body, and I was a little dissatisfied. But after a while, I finally got used to it. The inner metal structure makes it easier for you to hold in the hands. Her skin was soft and supple, and that was different from the other toys I tried which were firmer to the touch. Just like the skin of a beautiful woman, her skin is smooth and pink. Much more pleasurable and intense than just using a sleeve. So cheers to Rose for the fabulous customer service! This one was purchased from Globalreal Doll.


Anonymous o.

Wow, this doll is amazing!


I bought the ultra-realistic Alisson for my husband. This is by far the best adult toy I have ever bought. The size and shape are perfect, very realistic. It took 17 days to receive her from the day I placed the order. The doll looks and feels very realistic. VERY NICE customer service kept me updated on what was going on and answered any questions I had.



You will Not be disappointed.


This is DEFINATELY soft but not too soft. The breasts are firm and very nice. Other than that weight is nice, the texture is nice. Both holes feel entirely different and it's not too tight or loose. It is fairly easy to clean, but difficult to dry. You need to put a small washcloth or paper towel in there and the inner ribbing gets in the way a bit, so long fingers help. All in all, I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who wants to try something new.



Perfect Doll!


l was quite impressed with this doll. The skin texture, weight, and softness are perfect. The metal skeleton can keep its shape well. The two openings are deep enough for a large man, and it is nicely    proportioned. The price seems a bit high, but it's a very good item. I've seen much cheaper junk cost far more, so it is worth it. I highly recommend it if you're exploring the doll.



Another Hit From Rosemary Doll!


I was really surprised when I opened it up. It is soft and perfect in every way. The attention to detail on this doll is amazing. The doll is shaped in a way that reminds me of an in shape woman. The vagina looks realistic compared to other sex toys. Both vagina and anus are at least 7 inches deep, so if you are well endowed you can go as deep as 



A Great Purchase!


This doll gives me the best sexual experience ever. So good to have sex with her. I can try any sex position I desire. The pussy and asshole feel amazing when I stick my penis inside them. Nice detail like the realistic shoulder blades, neck, the butt crack and a belly button. This was a great purchase.



My Dream 'girl'!


I had no idea it could be of such high quality at such a good price compared to other dolls I've searched up. This doll is whatever I want in my dream. Just like a real girl in my arms. Amazing!! When you look at her closely, she seems to look back in response. Brown eyes made her look more real.


Andrew S

How nice it is to spoon with my doll at night!


The first time I used it, I just put it on top of myself during setup and got an erection, so I didn't have to manually start myself up. You can grab her waist, tits, or ass when you bounce her up and down. The tits feel really good and are so realistic. Genitals are also detailed. There's a little starfish line on the anus, so it looks more than just a hole. Both feel amazing! What I wasn't expecting was how nice it is to spoon with my doll at night. While in the spooning position, you can penetrate her from behind. You can also reach around with your top arm, pulling them deeper into the doll.


Drew R.

This doll will blow your mind!


I have used a few sleeves before and I decided to try something different, a more lifelike item. So I began shopping around and I so glad that I choose the realistic sex doll. From the moment I opened it up, I knew that it will not disappoint. The ratio of weight to size is almost perfect. Also, it allows for a more realistic experience. The internal skeletal structure is a nice added feature that gives you the best control in any position. It is more natural than just a soft jelly toy.


Shopper E.

Good proportions and great feel


In terms of feeling and quality, honestly, you can't beat an item like this. Having a love doll is a whole different feel to Masturbation sleeves. If you're tired of masturbation sleeves, I would highly recommend you move up to the sex doll which is bigger and better. There are two holes, vaginal and anal. Both holes feature different tightness and texture. They are deep enough that you get some suction during penetration, giving you an amazing orgasm. The breasts are very soft and perfectly proportioned to the bust.



Just Buy it And You Won’t Regret it.


I have a fairly active sex life and there is no need to pleasure myself outside of that very often. Having said that, my wife is pregnant and will be unable to have sex for some time. I was so surprised to see how quickly it came after I had ordered it. Man, it does feel very realistic. Let's just say that within a very few minutes, I've become a big fan of my sex doll. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to masturbate in a much more exciting way.



Never Be Lonely Again!!!


To be honest, I was hesitant about buying this doll. It's not cheap and I wasn’t sure if the quality would be as advertised. But when I took the doll out of the package, I was shocked by the design and well-made of it. It's elastic, but it can snap back in to place. It’s very enjoyable to use. The curves can be grabbed in all the right places, and even get a solid * bang* when you slap the lil booty.
Overall, I’m much more satisfied with this purchase. If you’re still deciding whether you buy the sex doll.... just buy it. You won’t regret it.

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