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Custom Sex Doll | Why need vivid sex doll accessories | globalrealdoll

Accessories for custom sex dolls are essential for each female doll as they allow your doll to present different looks and keep your doll in great shape throughout the years and assist to store your dolls better.

How to choose Sex Doll Accessories You Can Select

  1. Sex Doll Customized Options

Variable Vagina Its appearance as well as the inner texture of realistic sexual dolls‘ vaginas is exactly the same as real women. There is a wide variety of vaginal styles to pick from, such as pubic hair color, labia color, and more. The current removable vagina is offered at no cost via our website. The detachable vagina does not just allow you to experience sexual pleasures like that of the vagina fixed, it is simple to take apart and clean.

Sexy Doll Hair Different hairstyles can give your doll totally different looks. In addition, mix and match various types of wigs and hair colors and create various designs of beauty.

Enhanced Mouth Add-On Do you want the doll to show her tongue and seduce you? Add a tongue to your doll that is life-like! Are you looking for the most authentic experience with your oral sex?

Flexible Fingers This upgrade to articulated hands was carefully made with a sturdy metal joint with a rounded edge to prevent the skin from puncturing easily. In addition, the articulated fingers enable your doll to mimic gestures that wire fingers could not.

Other options for customizing lifelike dolls of love:

  • Heating System
  • Standing Feet
  • EVO Skeletons
  • Teeth and Tongue Set
  1. Best Sex Doll Cleaning & Caring Kit

With this set of tools, you can perform regular maintenance on your doll with minimal effort. If the doll becomes dirty then you can use TPE-Safe Stain Remover to eliminate the stain. Even when the skin of the doll is damaged it is possible to use TPE Repair Solvent to fix the skin damage caused by TPE Love Doll. TPE love doll and keep her skin healthy.

  1. Sex Doll Storage Kit

Flight cases are specially made and designed for love dolls that are lifelike. It’s the best method to store and transport and take good care of sexually explicit custom sex dolls. We also have a hanging rack that can be hung from the doll’s neck and hang from your closet, and professional storage racks for the head of the doll.

  1. Sex Doll Outfit Accessories

Dressing your sex doll in a different way is the perfect way to showcase the personality of your doll and make you feel more enthusiastic about her. After that, you can modify her appearance according to your preferences. Whatever you are your doll could be anything you’d like such as an office secretary to a hot lady you found at a nightclub.

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