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What should I do if my sex doll breaks?

You’ve been alone with the doll for a while, and then you notice something wrong. It may be that the hip is no longer moving normally, or it can be a injury to a doll moving from one room to another. Your doll may have stains or smells. In either case, your doll will no longer look like it was or work when it was purchased. What are you doing now?
Assess the loss
Don’t panic. Check your doll and pay attention to the cause of the damage. Think about writing everything you see on a piece of paper. You may need this feature when you try to handle any repair work later. Determine whether the work is decorative or structural.
Throw away or retain
Depending on the type and extent of damage you see, it’s time to decide what to do next. One option is to repair your doll or make it yourself. If you buy an inflatable doll from us, it will come with a maintenance tool. If you can use the toolkit for repair, you’ll find the easiest and cheapest options.
You can also return your doll to us for repair. If you have such a choice, please contact us and we will inform you. If so, we may ask you to send us the doll or arrange to send you the replacement parts.
If your doll cannot be repaired, it must be discarded. It’s bad news, but it does mean you can start buying alternatives. This is some important information about handling sex dolls.
Finally, you can decide that you can tolerate the baby issue for a while. If use can make damage worse, we do not recommend that you do so. If damage makes your doll unsafe (serrated edges or mechanical insecurity), you should also be careful. However, you can still live in a place with slight stains.
Check your doll regularly
It is important to find out if the doll is damaged as soon as possible. Unfixed defects can become unsafe. They can also quickly change from easy to handle things that require you to handle dolls or pay for expensive maintenance. You can check the doll as follows:
Check the baby’s skin for blemishes or stains.
Check the baby’s sexual organs for signs of damage or other damage.
Slowly and carefully move the doll’s joints. Note any misalignment or stiffness.
Do you smell any dirty or moldy smell with your nose?
If you find a problem, be ready to deal with it immediately.
Rough sex is fun, but it can be expensive
We understand. Sometimes, the communication with the doll becomes a little nervous. You can use this doll to try something you can’t do. We like this and hope you can enjoy your baby. We provide the best craftsman and the best material to make the doll help.
Still, rough sex can hurt the baby. It’s the fact of life. Enjoy the experience with the doll, but know that the doll that has experienced a lot of rough treatment will not last, and the host will take a more gentle approach.

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