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Vantress Comments

The Vantress fairy doll is very beautiful. She is not very big, only 150cm, very light-she only has 27kg! -She has a good body. After Vantress released her, she became one of the most popular dolls.

Vantress review
Her skin
Vantress has great skin. It is odorless, soft, and resistant, and the doll always arrives home without any scratches or serious damage. Their TPE is the best on the market.

Her skeleton
In addition to weak hands, Vantress’s upgraded frame (called EVO) is one of the best on the market. Each joint is perfectly adjusted to replicate any human movement. awesome!

Vantress’s wigs are great, their hair fibers are larger than other brands of wigs, and they are much easier to comb. SEDOLL rarely makes mistakes when shipping wigs.

As you can see, the appearance of the doll is exactly the same as the doll in the promotional image. SEDOLL also offers some help: you will never be disappointed because their promotional materials have not been deceived. No big skills, no lighting skills, and no Photoshop work.

Vantress labia are very similar, if not the same, all its dolls. Still, it’s not the best that does a good job. I especially like pink labia. They also have a good idea to color the holes, which is what the factory does.
Vantress Phoebe Fairy Labia

Hollow chest?
If you want a more natural feel when touching, you must use a hollow chest. They also beat more naturally when they are hollow.

Vantress Fairy Doll Review – Final thoughts?
I really like the quality of Vantress. Their soft skin has absolutely no blemishes, but it is softer than WM skin. Regarding their Phoebe elf dolls, her use is really enjoyable. She is very light, weighing only 27kg, and it is easy to move around, and you can place it wherever you want her to have.

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