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Silicone Dolls |TPE VS Silicone Dolls – Which is Better? | globalrealdoll

You have chosen to buy yourself a sex doll. But you can’t decide which material is better: Silicone TPE Sex Doll, or Silicone Doll . Let’s review the material that real-life sex dolls are constructed from. It’s generally either silicone or tPE. It is possible to have amazingly realistic products today thanks to the new technology. TPE Sex Dolls provide an instant answer for those seeking a quick fix. But the reasoning might surprise them!

Advantages of TPE Let’s first talk about TPE and its performance in sex toys. TPE (or Thermoplastic Elastomer), can be compared to silicone. It is a mixture from rubber and plastic. TPE is flexible and can be stretched again, but it will always return to the original length. It is flexible and much more flexible than other materials.

TPE sex dolls are less expensive than silicone dolls. However, the dolls look better. TPE materials can also be recycled. It is hypoallergenic which means it will not cause allergic reactions.

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Silicone Dolls are all made from China (surprise! ), but we found the “Big-3” Manufacturers “Ali-Express”(Amazon/eBay China-Equivalent) accounts they use to find resellers! No middle-men from the US, you can order directly from the manufacturer. BONUS Ali-Express has a Customer Satisfaction (Refunds Guarantee)

What does a TPE sex doll feel like when they are in a relationship?
This will depend on the shape and how large it is, but to get an overall feeling of the “sexy doll bob”, we can look at something similar that we have all touched. You are most likely referring to those rubbery, bouncy toys we often see at the mall. These toys, which are made from very similar types of TPE material to the one pictured below, can be already imagined how real and bouncy every curve of your next sexy doll is.

It can be difficult to clean dolls with stains. You need to get rid of as much dirt as you can from the doll’s vaginal and anal cavities. It is possible to see mold if the material is not cleaned up properly.

TPE can be sticky to touch. This problem can be easily fixed by adding baby powder. TPE is also very sensitive to heat so a bathing with your doll could be problematic.

Advantages of Silicone dolls
The silicone material can be cleaned much more easily than Thermoplastic Epoxymer. It is more costly but more resistant than Thermoplastic Elastomer to heat, stains, water, and moisture. It doesn’t need to be maintained as often as other sexy materials. Just like TPE silicone is hypoallergenic.

Silicone dolls offer the most realistic anal and vaginal anatomy, which can prove to be a big benefit to many. It’s easy to sterilize and clean so it shouldn’t pose any problems. Although we don’t recommend alcohol for sterilization, we recommend that you use softer cleaning products.

Silicone disadvantages
You feel the silicone dolls are harder than TPE when you touch them. When you return them to fourth, they won’t move in any way.

The price of silicone dolls can be a problem for some. It is much more expensive that TPE. This doll is on the market for around $2500.

TPE VS Silicone Dolls: Which is Better?
Ask yourself questions about how much you’re willing to pay, whether or not you want to take a bath with your Real doll and whether or not the anal and vaginal cavities look realistic.

Once you’ve identified the items you desire, do not hesitate in asking suppliers questions. They will be happy and able to help with any questions you may have about sex dolls.

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