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Title: Will Sex Dolls Replace Real Women

The question isn’t “will sex dolls replace real women” but instead “when will sex dolls replace real women”, because if you haven’t noticed already men from all parts of the world have already begun trading in their relationships with real women with realistic sex dolls.


The reasons why men are choosing to have relationships with realistic sex dolls over real women vary from man to man.


For instance unlike real women, sex dolls don’t care what type of car you drive, how much money you make, or how you dress.



Real women seem disgusted by men who don’t own at least an $80,000 car, and will demand that their man get a really expensive car, but sex dolls could care less what type of car a man owns and will have sex with them even if they take the bus to work!



If a woman doesn’t like your style of clothes then they’ll try to change how you dress, but a sex doll will happily suck your dick and let you fuck her in the ass regardless of the brand of clothing you like to wear!



Real women also demand flowers, expensive birthday gifts, and luxurious vacations around the world, but sex dolls could care less about flowers, don’t care about birthday gifts, and will happily fuck you even if you NEVER take them on a vacation!



Also, how many times have you taken a real woman camping and didn’t hear her bitch and complain about it from the moment you pitched the tent until you snuffed out the flames of the last camp fire? Seriously, real women would rather die that sleep in a ten with you. Most men never go camping ever again once they start a relationship with a real woman. And if you’re able to get your chick to go camping with you there is zero chance that she’ll ever have sex with you in a tent.


Now it’s totally different with a sex doll because they’ll let you fuck them in a tent, or on the ground next to the campfire as it burns all night long. In fact, sex dolls make the perfect camping companion because they only care about making you happy, and if you love to camp then a sex doll will be the best companion you’ll ever have.



Now let’s talk about headaches, babies, STDs, and PMS!


How many times has a woman not had sex with you because she complained about having a headache? If you’ve ever been in a relationship with a woman then you’ve probably have heard that more times than you can count…but sex dolls never have headaches and will bend over for your hard cock whenever your in the mood to bend her ass over for a delightful night of hardcore fucking.


Every real woman suffers from PMS 12 times per year, and most women are extremely mean and cruel while they’re suffering from PMS. Thankfully sex dolls never have periods.


Real women also want to quit their jobs and have babies right? This means that you have to start earning more money to make up for her not working, and then even more money for a new baby that you’ll have to take care of financially for the next 18 years; sex dolls can’t get pregnant, so you’ll never have to worry about having a baby if you really don’t want to.


You also don’t have to worry about catching any STDs or being cheated on by your extremely hot sex doll, not the same can be said if you’re in a relationship with a real woman.


Finally, sex dolls aren’t NEEDY, CLINGY, or HIGH-Maintenance, and they NEVR need you to give them attention, but sadly the same cannot be said of real women because as you know real women can stoop to any level to get your attention. From taking 2 hours, or longer, to get dressed up to overreacting about you hanging out with your guy friends to watch a football game on TV, to spreading drama in public places, anything; they need attention all the time basically, and if you don’t them provide them with it, be ready to see them leave you anytime. Now on the other hand sex dolls don’t demand anything of you, and best of all, they NEVER get mad about anything and will let you have sex with them ANYTIME you want, NO MATTER WHAT!


Unfortunately real women just cannot compete against Global Real Doll’s wide selection of realistic sex dolls because these sex dolls allow men to experience drama-free lives that include having as much sex as they want, and men really do need to have a LOT of sex!


No matter what type of woman turns you one, whether she has a big ass, big tits, a BBW, or a fit athetic babe, Global Real Doll’s can provide you with your ideal dream woman that is down to fuck 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year, and best of all, she’ll NEVER complain about a single thing.


And it’s only a matter of time before ALL men start realizing this!

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