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Over the years, sex dolls have really made great progress. Not long ago, men and women had to assemble and use little useful stuffed dolls and inflatable toys. Now, that’s completely changed. Dolls can now be placed at will. They can sit in a chair, stand up, bend down, or whatever you like. Basically, if someone can move it, so can your robotic sex doll.

It’s all down to science. Let’s take a closer look at how advances in technology have given you a better experience with sex dolls.

Mechanical sex doll

The skeleton of your doll is actually its frame. It gives you the structure of your doll. Without it, the doll would be terrible. The skeleton also allows your doll to pose. That’s because it’s full of detachable, bendable parts and components that are almost exactly the same design as the human body.

In fact, we think they work better. Do you know that very, very strange gesture that excited you? Your doll can stay in this position for hours, and it never hurts or pulls a muscle.

Your doll skeleton is made of durable metal. Most people have their own dolls for many years, but they have never repaired them. It not only has an excellent, durable structure, but engineers also try to design a variety of joints. These include the baby’s knees, elbows, shoulders, wrists, hips and other parts.

Take care of your baby’s moving parts

We have some important suggestions for you to take care of your doll outdoors. Now, let’s move on to the best practice of maintaining the structure of dolls. There was no error. This is a durable material, but if abused, your doll’s skeleton may be damaged. If this happens, maintenance costs can be very expensive. We’ve even had so much damage that it’s easier to completely replace the doll. Here are some rules to follow:

Don’t force the doll to move unnaturally

If your doll doesn’t twist or bend in a certain direction, it won’t do it at all. Please don’t force. Excessive weight or tension on the joint can cause irreparable damage.

Move your doll carefully

You may be surprised at the actual weight of your doll. It was intentional. Your doll is designed to look and feel like a real person. That means they have human bone structure and enough weight to create a real sexual experience.

If you need to move your doll, be sure to bring it with you. Just be careful. A good rule is to move your doll just as you move a real person. You don’t need elbows, necks or ankles to lift a person. This also applies to your doll.

Every once in a while, we come across people trying to “fix the structure” or modify one of our dolls. It’s hardly a good idea. Yes, you may feel the screws and other parts under the doll’s skin, but it’s better to ignore them. Please remember that we cannot provide warranty for any doll that has undergone any home repair.

Save your doll as expected

When your doll is not in use, store it carefully. It should not be in a curved position between the two uses. This can cause warping. If you spend a long time between uses, consider adjusting the position of your doll from time to time. This will prevent structural wear.

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