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The Sex Doll Industry Post-Pandemic

The pandemic caught everyone lacking, which is understandable, seeing that the last one of its kind happened more than a century ago. All sectors of the economy have been affected, leading to the creation of various government intervention policies. And while the economy is finally opening up, we’re still in a pandemic, and there isn’t a definite date when we can go back to our normal lives.

Schools are lining up for the opening, sporting events are back, and business operations are starting to resume. However, all this is being done under many restrictions and regulations that will shape the future. Sporting events, for instance, are taking place in empty stadiums. Players and involved staff have to be tested now and then to control transmission. And while there’s hope that fans will soon be back in the stadiums, we still don’t know when that will happen.

The Foreseeable Future
Like other industries, the sex doll world has been shaken by the virus. And while the effects have been an increase in sales and awareness, there are a lot of implications that might carry on to the future.

Change of Heart
Firstly, the increased sales and inquiries throughout the pandemic point to a change of heart. According to, the pandemic has been a wake-up call for people that were initially on the fence. “The possibility of being locked in the house for months alone didn’t settle well for many people. Most of the sales have been to first-time users, which only shows a change of perception. People who were previously undecided about sex dolls are suddenly calling in to learn more about sex dolls before making their orders.”

Improved Design and Functionality
Another impact of the pandemic on the industry is the increased level of expectations from the market base. With great power comes great responsibility. The increased market means that manufacturers must learn how to woo their customers. Remember, most of these customers are bound to add a second sex doll, and any negative experience might affect their already budding love for dream dolls. So, we can only expect an upgrade in the design and functionality of sex dolls in the future.
Maintained Sales Surge
Finally, the pandemic and surge in sales mean that the sex doll demand will maintain even post the pandemic. First-time users will get hooked to the dolls, thus incorporating them into their lives. Whether you are single and in need of something to wade of loneliness or a couple that was separated by the lockdown restrictions, incorporating the sex doll in your life is easier than throwing it away altogether. Right? Anyway, they don’t come cheap, and having one around does more good than bad. That’s why you bought it in the first place.

With all these implications of the pandemic on the sex doll industry, it’s clear that aspiring owners and those who already use them are in for a good time.
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