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Non-sexual benefits of owning love dolls – Home Defense

Real sex dolls can not only make your private parts feel tingling and warm. They also have various other functions, such as confuse hackers who spy on you through a webcam. Otherwise, the thief may break into your house and see something that looks like a real person, but in fact this is just your faithful Asian sex doll, fleeing to avoid being caught.​​ There are many other benefits of having a full-body doll.

Use sex dolls for home defense

Sex doll home

Everyone should feel safe in their own home. This is your resting place, your own refuge and sodomy cave. However, some people want to disturb your peace. These people are wearing masks and brandishing weapons, ready to break in and steal your valuables or drink your expensive wine. You must protect your house, and possibly your lazy pet cat. Sometimes, you are only in a deep and relaxing sleep, you are not always on high alert, you may even forget to lock the door or activate the home security system.
But the thief noticed. He has been monitoring your house and has been preparing for more than two weeks now. Thief, I know you have a rare and valuable comic book hidden in the safe. And two tons of gold. He realized this because your vicious ex-girlfriend told him one night that they were having a sweet and angry love.

The door was opened and the thief walked in slowly, tiptoeing on his special thief ballet shoes. He has a gun in one hand and a flashlight in the other. I mean flashlight. The thief walks slowly to your bedroom, ready to find those super valuable comic books, maybe there are golden books, but he is not picky. The thief is already in the corridor. There are only three rooms: your bedroom, guest room and a kinky dungeon. Because your ex-girlfriend already knows which room you are in.

what can you do? You forgot to lock the door, forgot to activate the security system, and for some reason, it now jumps up on the top of the skyscraper. Is this the day when everything is lost? You also don’t have any insurance because your father hates insurance companies and you want to please and be like him. Will you go bankrupt and be forced to give up your hard work and ultimately enjoy the luxurious lifestyle? This is the end?

Home defense

‘Not today. ‘In the hall next to the bedroom, your sex doll said. In fact, she was talking about “put your head into my cat” with a strange erotic and robotic voice.

No matter what she said, this shocked the thief and the thief, and he sprinkled a few drops of urine on his trembling thigh. He doesn’t like to wear underwear before the robbery. This is a weird thing. Don’t judge him! Just because he is a criminal does not mean that he has no need either. Now, Alex is motionless, frozen and terrified. The full-size sex doll said something else, and he mistaken it for a real person, a threat. Panicked, he walked into the nearest room. His heart jumped out of his chest. He held the gun tightly. He has never used it before. Security is still in progress. Soon, he considered his life choices. This job is terrible. He should indeed consider changing his job, perhaps in a public library or a hairdresser. Thieves have always liked hair. But he pushed these ideas away. This is unquestionable time. He is a burglar and has never been caught. He can do it, he will do it. After all, he is already there.

However, Thief Ki did not realize where he was. He was taken aback by the sex dolls in the hall, and he chose to enter the room closest to him to avoid detection. Yes, but this is not an ordinary room. This is the sex dungeon Alex you just broke into. When he moved the flashlight around to illuminate the area, his eyes saw various sodomy objects. There are leather whips, steel rods, latex masks, torture and pain devices, binding equipment, human cages, etc. The thief soon realized that he might have broken into the wrong house. Your ex-girlfriend knows nothing about it. That’s because you have never trusted your ex to share this part of your life with her, because you don’t think she is worthy of trust. You’re right.

Sex doll dungeon

The thief desperately tried to keep them together. He got rid of some sexual and fetish love disorders and accidentally ran into Doria, which is your other robot sex doll. Doria is the last sex doll you had sex with, and stopped interacting with her before she reached orgasm. Therefore, she is on the verge of orgasm. When the thief was moved by harmony, she exploded. She began to moan and chant, filling the room with pleasant and ecstatic sounds. The thief jumped out. He tripped the gun. Panicked, he crawled to the ground to find the gun, unaware of the whole sex robot’s condition. The light from his flashlight illuminates the pistol on the ground, and he reaches for it. But this happens to be next to “Doria”. The sex robot is still in orgasm, and during orgasm, her foot movements are very strong and sudden. One of these sudden convulsions caught the thief’s face. Doria kicked him, and the thief flinched, flustered. The robot sex doll’s kicking force is super strong, and the anti-theft device has been greatly hit.

The injured thief could feel his cheeks flush, and a loud voice rang from his head. Stimulate adrenaline. It’s time to go now. He got up to charge the humanoid doll, thinking it was a real person. When he started strangling Doria, the sex doll climaxed again. What can we say, she likes to be rough. Another sudden leap surprised the thief, and this time he pointed directly at his family jewellery.

‘My ball! The thief yelled in pain. The thief really wanted him to be a hairstylist now. To escape the fatal nut blow, he crawled into the BDSM cage. He closed the door and tried to protect himself.

Doria does not pursue. How could she Doria is just a sex robot, she is not a criminal. She likes orgasms and is now in sleep mode. The thief realizes that the coast is clear, and therefore decides that it is safe to leave the cage, although he is still very confused about what has just happened. But the BDSM cage he seeks for safety has an automatic locking system. You cannot open it from the inside. The thief was trapped. He struggled in vain against the hard steel bars in the dark. Escape is impossible.

This is it. The thief is done. His days of crime and mischief are coming to an end. The owner of the house may have called the police by now. He will go to jail for a long time. The thieves did not hear the bad news about the prison. Doesn’t seem to be the best place. But as he sat in the prison cell, he gradually realized that no one was coming. How is that possible?

As night fell, the thief was still trapped. The owner of the house is a heavy sleeper. He overslept today. Angry and hurried, he did not notice the fact that someone broke into his house and went to work. All the while, the poor thief is still bound and surrounded by sex toys and dolls.

In the end, he managed to search through Google and read the guide “How to escape the steel restraint cage from the photo in 6 simple steps” to escape.

After he left and left the forgotten house, Frankie burglar decided not to rob the place. This whole night was a terrible experience for him. The thief abandoned his criminal life and became a hair stylist. He told his lawbreakers that they should stop too. It is no longer safe to rob a man’s house.

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