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How to hug a sex doll

How is it?
Use a wall or bed as a support to keep the doll standing and lift one of her legs in a curved position to hug you. Then, standing behind the doll hugged and penetrated her, holding the doll’s waist to draw her close at hand.

Bear hugs can be a sexual pose tailored for you and your doll. Whether you’re addicted to vaginal or anal  sex, you can quickly find the right penetration angle by adjusting the height of you or your doll and the position of your doll’s raised legs. Not only does it easily reach the ideal height and penetration angle for orgasm, it also allows you to exercise at the same time.

to make the most of your free-roaming hands during sex. You can add explosive oral pleasure to the equation by sucking the vibrator or blowing the blowtorch from the clitoris. This is the best way to enjoy the love of three without actually inviting anyone into your room.

Make it better In
a room with limited space, a bear hug is the ideal sex pose. Look around the house, find a place to hug the bear, and make the most of its versatility. Want a crazier thrill? Blindfolding or handcuffing a doll will enhance your sensory stimulation and give you more fun.


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