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Your precious full size sexdoll will suffer from many damages over time, regardless of how well you take good care of it. You will need to replace some parts. You can also repair some types of damage with some tools at the home.

A repair guide is the best way to learn how to fix your TPE full size sexdoll. Although you might believe that it takes so much time and effort to repair a damaged sex doll, this guide will show you how easy it is.

Another thing to keep in mind when fixing a full size sexdoll is the fact that the severity of the damage will determine how much time it takes. If it is not too severe, like abrasions or tears, it will take you no time to fix it.

Below are some quick and easy steps that will help you fix your full size sexdoll.

Method 1. Fixing Pressure Marks Using A Hairdryer

Over time, your Real doll might develop indentations because of pressure. Indentations can also result from incorrect handling or inappropriate positioning of the full size sexdoll while having sex. The good news is that you don’t need to sweat this one. This damage can easily be fixed using just a Hairdryer.

Use a wet towel to get started. You should use a white towel to avoid any dyes or stains on your doll’s skin. Cover the indentations with a wet towel, then heat it using the hairdryer.

Repeat the process several times. As you do this, the indentation will diminish on your full size sexdoll slowly.

Method #2. To fix dents using a hot towel

You can protect your hand by wearing gloves. Hot water can be used to clean a towel. Cover the pressure area with a hot towel for a bit. The towel will heat up the indentation. Next, gently wipe the damaged area of the full size sexdoll with your hands. Repeat the process until the indentation has disappeared.

Method 3. Method #3.

Clean the doll first with either Vaseline (or baby oil) before you use the heat gun to heat it. Vaseline, baby oil and other oils serve two important functions. It sterilizes the affected areas. It allows you to apply heat more evenly on the doll’s surface. This will prevent the doll’s skin becoming burnt.

You can heat the damaged area with a heatgun after applying one of the chemicals. You should ensure that the heat gun does not touch the doll’s skin. To close to the surface could burn your doll’s delicate skin. A minimum distance of four inches is required between the doll’s device and the doll to prevent heat from causing further damage.

If this is your first time using a heatgun to repair dolls, you should purchase a test piece of TPE material and try it out. TPE material can also be purchased at a TPE retailer. It’s a good idea for you to use the heat gun method until you know how to do it correctly.

full size sexdoll can melt to around 110 degrees Celsius. When that temperature is reached, you will notice a mirror effect on the areas where you blow heat. Watch the intensity level of the fume to determine when you should stop using heat.

Once you are satisfied with the result, grab a piece or cloth and feather the doll’s hair. Continue heating and cooling until you achieve the perfect smoothness for the skin of your full size sexdoll.

Method #4 Use TPE Glue for sealing tears

Make sure to clean your full size sexdoll skin before applying glue. Finally, dry the affected skin.

It is important to ensure the doll’s position. To avoid glue from spilling, the tear area should be placed horizontally. Once the full size sexdoll has been placed correctly, apply the glue using a finely-tipped applicator. This process is extremely precise to ensure the best results.

Prepare a clean, dry cloth to apply glue to the full size sexdoll. Once the glue is dry, stick the parts together. You can wipe the surface clean with a cloth.

You should also avoid touching the glue with your fingers when you use TPE glue to fix your full size sexdoll. TPE adhesive sets quickly so it is best to not touch the glue with your fingers.

Another option is to repair the facial cuts on your full size sexdoll using the same process. You will need to practice more. You will not achieve the perfect smoothness that you want for your doll’s face.

The best thing you can do for your doll’s face is to get a new head. Although this will be a costly purchase, your doll’s appearance will remain the same as it was before. The highest realistic sex doll heads cost less than $400. This is a good deal considering the unique looks and benefits your full size sexdoll will experience.

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