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Should You Buy a Sex Doll If You’re a Virgin?

Over the years in our business, we’ve seen some forum posts and received inquiries from curious people asking whether it’s a good idea for virgins to buy sex dolls before having sex with real women. We insist that this is a personal decision and there is no clear answer, but we will try to discuss some of the views and objections below for these people to consider.
Our initial idea was that buying sex dolls could be seen as “a shortcut.” Perhaps having beautiful sex dolls and having real sex whenever and wherever you need it can hinder your drive to find a real partner. This may not be the case for everyone, but for people who have a low/moderate libido and may be a little worried about meeting real women, they may only be happy with their dolls. There was a time when it was conceivable that someone who was not as good looking could have sex with a 10/10 sex doll every night, or he could try to date a woman who was as attractive as he was, and possibly have sex with someone more beautiful. Once a month is more than your ideal real woman.
On the other hand, however, the use of sex dolls may help virgins feel more comfortable in intimate relationships. Maybe after playing with a real doll a few times, having sex with a real woman seems like no big deal, and more likely. Last-minute nervousness or hesitation can sometimes really kill the mood, and sex dolls can alleviate that. Sex dolls can help you avoid erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, not to mention first-time overdrive.
It’s also much less risky and, in some countries, much more legal than a first visit to a prostitute to get rid of the jitters.
Another potential downside of buying sex dolls as virgins may be the exclusion of sexual partners who are fed up with the social stigma associated with sex dolls. Imagine the metaphor of a successful date night. Things are heating up. A woman comes back to your apartment and is welcomed by your sex doll. The next scene is here to escape the scene. Although stigma is changing rapidly, and young people today are more open to all types of sexual gratification, you may still be at risk of this happening.
Virgo doll owners can avoid this situation through a variety of elaborate storage methods, such as storage boxes or hanging sets, so that the doll is safely stored in the closet. People can also buy smaller dolls that are easier to store. If your relationship with a woman is making progress, you might even consider getting rid of your sex doll before she finds out. At the very least, careful storage will allow you time to introduce your sex doll later rather than the first night.
Our prejudices
In our obviously biased view, we believe that all virgins who have concerns about sex should definitely consider buying sex dolls. There is no guarantee of the future. Sex is better now than tomorrow. As we’ve learned over the past year, life changes quickly, so if it bothers you, you might as well get some satisfaction today. As we mentioned above, you can always get rid of your sex doll if you decide to buy a real woman who doesn’t like to play with dolls.
Why not simultaneously?
At best, you’ll end up with the best of both worlds. Perhaps buying a sex doll will help you overcome the fear/anxiety of losing your virginity. Then you’ll find a woman who is open-minded, adventurous and can add novelty to your sex life like a sex doll. It’s not uncommon for many couples to choose a sex doll or two to spice up their sex lives. It’s important to remember that this isn’t always an either-or decision, and buying a sex doll doesn’t always condemn you to being a virgin for life.
As you can see, there is no right answer to this question and you must consider what is right for you. People stay virgins for different reasons, and sex dolls may or may not be the solution. Having said that, we recommend that you buy a sex doll if you like, because the worst case scenario is that you can get rid of it and you don’t want to know if it’s the solution.

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