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sex toy doll and her funny story - sex toy doll

During the Celtic and Ranger clash back in 2016, a pair of sex toy doll were hung from the stand of the Old Firm Derby. Both of the sex toy doll were naked and have their hands tied behind their backs.

One sex toy doll was wearing a blue Rangers scarf. On the other hand, the second sex toy doll was wearing a sex orange sash. Both of them were hung from a banner that reads: “This is it bhoys this is war.”

The fans of Rangers allegedly caused damages that are worth thousands of pounds to Parkhead by trashing toilets. Daily Record has also reported that fixtures, as well as roof panels, were ripped out of the room. The fans of the two teams even took to social media their shock and condemned the sex toy doll displayed at Parkhead.

One Celtic fan even said that he was sickened to see the effigies of hanged Rangers fans at the stadium.Police From Scotland Praised Both Rangers and Celtic fans.But despite the circulating pictures, the Scotland police praised both sets of fans after the clash.Chief Superintendent Brian McInulty noted that he wanted to thank all the supporters of both teams who came to see the match that day in a safe and responsible manner. He added that those fans listened to the requests of the police and behaved accordingly. According to him, this helped police officers in ensuring the safety of everyone who was in the venue.

In addition, Chief McInulty also emphasized that all fans came out to enjoy the match. They soaked up the atmosphere, which is something that football should be about. He also said that he is hoping that the good spirits of the supporters from both teams will continue for the entire game.

Celtic Fans Showed Disappointment to Fellow Supporters Who Hanged the sex toy doll.Moreover, the said sex dolls were hung at the Old Firm derby during the Suicide Prevention Day. This caused a lot of Celtic fans to blast their fellow supporters who did the vile stunt.

Some of the disgusting fans even left calls for action against the minority of yobs behind the disgusting prank.

One fan named Francis MacLeod said that he was disgusted and the stunt was absolutely unacceptable. He also said that that was not how he wanted to be represented as a Celtic fan.

In a tweet, another fan named Jackie Mcnicol said that the twisted prank was an absolute disgrace. She even wanted the authorities to name and out the suspects to shame.

Rangers fans shared the disturbing photos of the sex dolls on social media. As mentioned, the hands of the dolls were tied to their back, one was wearing a blue Rangers scarf, and the other one was wearing an orange version of the scarf.

While the dolls were hung in a banner saying “this is it bhoys this is war,’ other supporters were holding up a slogan that says, “Know your place Hun scum.”
According to some fans, the culprits behind the prank used the effigies to mock the reality that Rangers died as a club the moment that they were liquidated in 2012.

On the other hand, other supporters hinted that the stunt was linked to former Gers striker Kris Boyd’s brother Scott. However, Bhoys insiders insisted that it was not the case.

A fan page on Twitter called Celtic Underground tweeted that it was sadly not surprising to see that they have scumbags in the Celtic end just like in any other clubs. The fan page added that what happened was unacceptable. Regardless if the stunt was directed at anything or not, the culprits’ lack of sensitivity is a disgrace.

One member of Sons of Struth, a rangers supporters’ group revealed that some of the Celtic fans who were appalled by what happened contacted him. According to Craig Houston, a lot of Celtic fans who contacted him were very angry. In addition, some are as disgusted as he was.

Craig added that no matter what the intention behind the stunt is, hanging effigies of a stadium in Scotland is unacceptable. He also believes that there was a more sinister meaning behind the prank and that he does not believe that the effigies were of their club. Rather, he believes that the sex toy doll were effigies of their fans.

According to Craig, the stunt might be a way of saying that the same thing done to the lifelike sex dolls should happen to Rangers fans. He also hopes that the club would take action because Celtic’s CCTV will show them who the culprits behind the hanging of the effigies were. Craig also said that he would be surprised if the people behind the stunt would not be identified.

Ibrox chiefs have condemned the louts. They called on cops to track down the culprits behind it. According to a spokesman, they were hoping that attempts will be made by Police Scotland in order to find who did the sickening and disgraceful display.The spokesperson added that the prank was vile and insensitive, which is obviously the reason why it attracted widespread condemnation.

This sex toy doll is new. However, There are other unacceptable images, which are very much liked by the Rangers supporters.

The hanging of the sex toy doll was clearly for everyone, including the authorities, to see.According to the police, they have not received any complaints about the display yet. However, the spokesperson warned that officers were monitoring social media. They may also take action in an instance that criminality was established.

Parkhead has been ravaged by rampaging Gers thugs, who have demolished the toilets after their defeat. Cops were quick to respond and the clubs are now investigating.

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