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Sex dolls can make you feel better - Sex dolls

sexdoll is more than just an inanimate object. She (or he!) It is the fantasy partner and role of the customer. It is common for sex doll lovers to personalize and dress up their real dolls. What many people don’t realize is that they can also use makeup, jewelry, temporary tattoos and other items to accentuate these personalities on their dolls.
Sound fun? Read on to learn more about how to make your doll look good.
Understand the basic knowledge of Sex doll makeup;When your silicone wife dolls arrive, you’ll notice that they have amazing skin. No matter when you take good care of your doll, it doesn’t need foundation. However, if you touch your baby face regularly, some of these “makeup” will wear off over time. If so, a little makeup and a highlighter can help you regain your shine!

When your silicone doll arrives;

Here’s some good news. You don’t need to buy special makeup for your sex dolls. The same makeup you buy at your local pharmacy, department store, or dollar store will work just fine. However, we recommend that you use powdered makeup. Liquid and oily paints will stain your doll.
Some doll owners also have trouble with some cosmetics that contain glitter or “glitter”. If you take pictures of dolls, sometimes those pictures will reflect in the light, adding a dazzling glow. It’s also difficult to get rid of the look completely.
The best way to remove makeup from a sex doll turns out to be a cold cream. It’s true! Products that have been around for decades will gently and effectively remove makeup. It’s also cheap.
Jewellery and other accessories;

You may have been dressing up your adult dolls to make them look great, but have you ever wondered what you could do with jewelry, temporary tattoos, decals, and other body art? Think about it! With a right foot chain, sexy tattoo, and necklace, you can turn your American Doll into a sexy bitch.
It’s all in your head There are good reasons for the makeup, accessories and fashion trends of TPE sex dolls. They provide you with the tools you need to make sure your doll looks exactly the way you want it. Why not take the time to make your doll look great.

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