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Sex Doll |Sex Doll Wig Maintenance Guide | globalrealdoll

It is amazing just how far men will travel to maintain the appearance of their sex doll. You have probably heard of people who pay a lot to outfit sex-dolls with fancy clothes and high quality hair wigs. Wigs can make or break a Adult doll‘s look. While most people choose one wig for sex dolls they own, others like a variety of styles and flexibility. They will buy many different wigs. In this scenario, the main focus is on maintaining the shine and keeping the wig clean. The wig is a key area in maintaining a healthy, shiny look and restoring the freshness.

Tips on caring for Sex Doll Hair Wigs. The bottom line is that you can’t care for wigs made of human hair the same way as you would synthetic wigs. You will find a guide with all wigs. However, this is a general overview of how to care and maintain your wig.

Cleaning your wig
You can use any method but make sure that you clean your sex dolls’ wigs before they are worn again. You have two options: wash the entire wig or dry clean it lightly, if it isn’t too dirty. After this, you can brush your wig and oil it. Then, you can smoothen it out. This all depends on the type.

To wash a full wig you need plenty of water. You will also need some shampoo, a towel and a towel. To begin, either fill the basin up with water, or let it reach a point where the wig can be fully submerged. It is best to keep the water lukewarm. Add a few drops of sexy shampoo and water to the basin. Make sure it is well sucked up. Next, place the wig in the basin of warm water.

Let the hair sit for a couple of minutes to dry before you move on. Let the wig soak in the lathered liquid for a few minutes before you rinse it off with warm, soapy water. It is best not to squeeze or press the hair. Instead, rinse it in warm water. After shampooing, squeeze the shampoo out to get rid of any extra water. You can wrap your towel around it and dry the shampoo.

The next step is to gently brush your sex doll’s wig. Start at the root and comb your hair from there. Gently comb through with your fingers to make sure that you brush your teeth smoothly and without tangles. Then you can hang it to dry in a cool place, avoiding direct sunlight.

After a few minutes it should be dry enough. Hang it from the hanger and oil it according your taste. Keep it either stored or put it on your sex-doll. This method is good if you have been cleaning your doll’s head for a while. It will penetrate the hair to remove all dirt, grease and germs.

Sometimes the wig is not as clean as it should be. Brushing the Wig can make a big difference if you do it correctly. As it could damage the delicate skin, the first tip is not to brush the wig when it is still on your sex doll’s heads. Apply warm water to the wig. Next, use your fingers or a comb to unravel the hair. You should avoid pulling and tagging excessively as this will cause hair to fall out. It is best to dry it under shade and out of direct sunlight. After drying it, hang it up and then oil it according to your preference, using the oil for sexy dolls.

Wearing the wig
Also, the care of the sex doll’s wigs depends on how you wear it. Don’t assume it’s the same as for women. The first is to wear the wig as though you are wearing a cap. This is a popular way to do it, but it may not be secure if you have a different size.

The second method requires more detail. You will need to put on a headband and some bobbypins. Next, secure the edges of your wig with the Bobby Pins.

Another method is to use a Velcro and the wigcap. As in the previous, you will need to first put on the wig. Attach the Velcro straps, which are adhesive on both sides to the wig and to the wig cover using Velcro straps. It is very secure and can be easily removed if needed.

Extra Useful Tips
Wigs are not difficult to maintain, but do require special care. Use wig glue, adhesives and other products on the sex-doll wigs to protect the doll’s delicate skin. Avoid tight-fitting or elastic band and strap wigs. They will damage the delicate skin of the doll. These wigs can cause color problems for TPE sex doll. However, they are acceptable for those with darker skin colors. It is a good idea to shop for lifelike sex dolls wigs at the manufacturers. This ensures that you are getting the best fit as well as the top quality and recommended colors.

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