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Reasons why men prefer sex dolls than women

People made a big fuss about the sale of sex dolls. What will happen to humans? Are you done? How was the date? We first need to analyze why men prefer TPE sex dolls to bond with silicone sex dolls, rather than with real women. I can see four reasons:
1. Your ability or difficulty finding women.
There are also women looking for male sex dolls, but in this article I will reflect on men and their sex dolls. There are thousands of people who have to approach women for fear of death. What do they offer? They are not rich. It’s not particularly good looking. There are more sexy men out there, and women are looking for them and/or their wallets.
Let us not forget all those campaigns that undermine humanity through false accusations. That attractive girl, a feminist, just humiliated me for an opportunity? Making fun of me in front of her friends?
No, it’s better not to risk it. I’d better not look at her again before she accuses me of sexual harassment.
2. Give up on women.
How many of us have experienced horribly destructive relationships? How many times did the beautiful princess turn into an ugly witch? She doesn’t just want to change you, she wants to control your life.
« Burn all the clothes that your predecessors bought for you! »
« Delete all her photos from her phone! »
« Delete all your memories »
Don’t talk like that
I am disappointed in you
After she looks around the house and car for traces of your past life, you might be happy without her. She wears you out. She drained your love. She exhausts you and makes you feel guilty about it.
It is enough.
3. Expensive divorce.
In less developed Western countries (Canada, Britain, and the United States), judges still think that giving away all a man’s possessions, 50 percent of his salary, and most important things is indeed an incremental approach. To prevent them from seeing their children. Why is that? Well, men are pigs. Any feminist knows this.
4. I like dolls better than dolls.
Once you’ve established the all-important facts, you don’t want any more women, but you still need to have sex. A prostitute? Expensive, dirty and impersonal. Sex dolls are very clean and there is absolutely no risk of STDs. She will never fail and she will never let you down.
Sex doll, perfect companion?
Some people think it will be the end of mankind. Why would a wise man pay homage to us stupid people? However, we will control them for a long time before they overwhelm us.
Why is it in this world that a man wants to have a relationship with a woman, but he can have a seamless connection with a smart, sexy woman who will never try to control you, be jealous, or take your hard-earned money? If a man has a sex doll like this, why does he have a chance to live with a witch as fat as a whale?
Sexy sex doll
1. No problem. Don’t be jealous, don’t blackmail (you’ll never see your kids again!). No control freaks. No one will tell you how to dress in public, or how to talk in front of your friends and parents.
2. You can have sex with whoever you want, when you want. Don’t you feel like having sex now? You don’t want to have sex right now. Then do it. Do you want to have sex with another partner? no problem
3. She will be able to have a real conversation with you without having to fight.
4. You can give her the personality she wants. She’ll never change unless you ask.
5. Sex dolls never get fat.
6. She will never leave your house, your car, your kids or half your salary.


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