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reallove dolls |reallove doll gel-filled breasts |

There are many gel-filled, reallove doll breasts that were damaged on the way to the buyer. How did this happen? For this reason, many vendors no longer offer the gel-filled breastfeeding option on their website. SE doll had solved it by improving its operation technology.

Let’s examine the cause of this accident. We need to be aware of all the damage that occurred in the shipment by plane. The plane can fly at heights between 7000-12000 m. This height is subj ect to very low atmospheric pressure. On the other hand, the material of reallove doll filled with gel is fluid. The fluid expands when the pressure outside is much lower. The pressure inside the breast can no longer be taken over by the fluid.

SE small sex doll noticed the problem, and was able to correct it. It will not affect SE Adult doll sellers.


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