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No one tells you the truth about sex dolls

Since the beginning of the boom, the sex doll industry has undergone tremendous expansion, and many people have turned to these products for sexual stimulation and satisfaction. The problem is that many people feel the same about sex dolls as they feel about sex toys. Even if they serve the same purpose, they are very different.
When it comes to sex toys, people usually know that they like the back of their hands, but when it comes to sex dolls, it’s a little different. So we decided to list some facts about sex dolls that you may not know.
Barbie is said to be based on a sex doll from the 50s
No one tells you the truth about sex dolls
This is a rumor, but it has not been fully proven, but it seems quite legitimate. Sex dolls are not a modern invention. They have been nearby for hundreds of years. Barbie’s first public appearance caused an uproar, but few people know that this doll is really like the so-called German sex doll named Billed Lili.
Despite the similarities between the two dolls, Barbie has become an icon and is still played by millions of children even today.
Sex doll brothels actually exist
Sex doll brothel
Most people think that no one will choose a doll instead of a living, breathing person, but in fact, more and more sex doll brothels are opening up all over the world. The first sex doll brothels opened in Spain, but the idea quickly spread all over the world, and these brothels began to open on almost every continent.
People go to these brothels because they need sexual stimulation and satisfaction, but they don’t want to deceive their wives or girlfriends. This is also a safer and cleaner way to experience sexual gratification, because there are detergents and products that can thoroughly disinfect the doll. Love puppet brothels provide a variety of sex dolls to choose from, some are just specific parts of the female body, and some are based on the full-size image of sexy women.
Many people think that sex dolls are more suitable than one-night stands
Sex doll facts
Sexual stimulation and satisfaction are considered to be the physiological needs of everyone on the planet, and different people meet their needs in different ways. Some people are satisfied with masturbation, while others cannot imagine that they will be satisfied unless they are with another person. The closest thing to having sex with another person is having sex with a modern doll.
One-night stand is a common practice, especially for young people under 30, but not everyone can easily find one-night stand. It is almost impossible to find a person to stay overnight during the pandemic, so people turn to online dating sites and apps that specialize in such activities without any strings attached. For many people, this is not the solution, because in order to have a one-night stand, you need to find someone you are interested in and sexually attractive to others.
Although this may seem simple and straightforward, sending someone a message telling them that you want to have sex with them will only get you banned and report it on the website where you found them. Because of this, many people use sex dolls to satisfy their need for sex and excitement. Although sex dolls are mainly used by men, women can also use different types of sex dolls.
Modern dolls can be highly customized
Highly customizable doll
The main difference between sex toys and sex dolls is the size, and sex dolls are customizable. Although not all manufacturers offer this option, many manufacturers do, and buyers can elaborate on every detail they can think of. It takes more time to make such sex dolls, but those who buy them think it is an investment worth waiting for.
Many sex doll manufacturers provide products based on the appearance of certain adult movie stars. The custom part of the sex doll industry is relatively new, but the options are endless. Although you can make sex dolls as you wish, it is important that no manufacturer agrees to make sex dolls based on someone’s appearance without consent. This also applies to spouses or girlfriends who don’t know you want to be sex dolls based on their appearance.
Sex doll is heavy
Unknown facts about sex dolls
Many people don’t know the weight of sex dolls. Sex dolls can range from 75 pounds to more, depending on their materials. Some sex dolls have metal skeletons that allow them to move more naturally, while others have electronic devices that allow them to move, vibrate, and even feel a warm touch.
Because sex dolls are not something you can buy or sell, especially when customizing, the size and weight of sex dolls should be considered before making a purchase decision. You should also consider storage-where to store sex dolls when they are not being used.

Sex dolls are a big investment
Amazing facts about sex dolls

The sex doll market is a fairly large market, and manufacturers ship their products to almost every part of the world. The problem with sex dolls is that they are much more expensive than traditional sex toys. Their prices range from a few thousand dollars to over 100,000 dollars per item, depending on the level of customization and other options you may need.

Although this is a considerable investment, people who have already bought sex dolls think this investment is a good investment because they have products that exceed their expectations.

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