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NEWS: Sales of sex dolls soar during the lockdown — makers say they have a convenient alternative for winter use

Sales of surreal sex dolls worth thousands of dollars are booming in Canada

One major distributor told the Daily Mail that orders from Canada are up at least 35%

The COVID-19 restriction means more people are alone indoors

The “companion doll” has a realistic skin that mimics the body’s temperature

But experts caution that in an age of growing social distance, social connections are still crucial

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Some are actively using confinement to master a musical instrument or learn a new language, but Canadians living at home have a new interest in sex dolls.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, surreal dolls with lifelike skin that mimics the temperature of the human body have been accompanied by an increasing number of lock-in residents.

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Sales of “companion dolls” or “love dolls” have soared as social opportunities have dried up. One leading distributor said orders had surged 35 per cent since the lockdown began in March.

“People don’t have the social skills they should,” Ryan James, director of Southern Jewel, told Daily Mail Canada.

“This includes those who choose to remain single, as many of my clients do, and those who normally go out to meet people.”

It turns out that dolls are popular during the cold winter months because they ‘adapt to your body temperature’

Mr James explained: ‘A lot of people choose to sleep with them and hug them rather than leave the heater running all night.’

Imported from China, it is made of thermoplastic elastomer, which combines rubber and plastic characteristics to give a soft skin feel.

High-end dolls, which cost around $3,000, even have ‘imperfections’ such as pores and skin imperfections built into the manufacturer to make the doll more realistic.

The most popular model, according to James, is a WM doll called Lara, which sells online for $3,100.

“The man was dark, blond and wearing a military uniform,” he said.

“It’s definitely our most popular. She is very healthy, athletic and an excellent athlete.

157cm Camouflage Pants Sexy Girl European Sexy Girl Camping Sexy Girl Isabella

This girl is the famous live action doll brand WM Dolls. The price at is $1,899

The company has now started keeping local dolls in stock at its Sydney factory, so customers don’t have to wait two to three weeks for delivery.

However, it is not just products designed for men that have become more popular during the coronavirus outbreak.

Sales of sex toys in the female market have also soared along with male lover dolls.

We are slowly seeing that relationships are not for everyone. My clients say publicly that they have given up all pursuit of going out or going online to find new friends.

“People don’t seem to have the time or the motivation right now, so there’s something that can provide a little bit of comfort sexually, that can be cuddled, and they say that’s enough for them.”

But a recent paper published by the Canadian Psychological Society warns that, regardless of synthetic alternatives, a flesh-and-blood relationship is still essential for good mental health.

“Everyone reacts differently to the limits of social interaction and face-to-face contact,” the paper said.

“The experience of loneliness and how to cope with it are very personal. Some people like… Others may be struggling to reduce or not have face-to-face social contact.

“But for all of us, social connections contribute to good mental health, so it’s important to maintain some level of engagement with social networks.”

“This can be as simple as calling a friend or writing a letter to share your experience, using videoconferencing technology to connect with family, or spending quality time with the people you live with.”

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