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Looking for a lifelike sex doll? what you need to know first!

After spending thousands of dollars on a love doll, you should make a wise decision before buying your own sex doll, rather than buying things that will make you regret and disappointed. We think that before you buy or make your own inflatable doll, you should consider the following points:
The price of the doll mainly depends on the size of the doll and the size of its body, such as the size of its chest or buttocks. So please plan your budget according to your budget or find a doll of the right size.
Material Science
There are two main materials for making dolls. One is silica gel, the other is TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). Both have advantages and disadvantages. Silicone, for example, is more durable than TPE, but TPE is known for its authenticity. Add it to the doll. TPE is also more popular than silica gel because it has a real amount, flexibility, softness and compressibility, and looks real.
Silica gel can be heated longer, so it can be combined with an integrated heating system. Silica gel is a non porous material, easy to clean, with better water resistance.
So you just need to know about silicone and TPE and decide which material to choose for EVA.
The size / height of the doll.
Ask yourself a question: “do you have enough space for life size dolls, or do you just want Mini sex dolls or trunks?”
Where would you put the doll? It may need some space to store, clean, etc. Make the right decision and choose the right size for you. Usually, the size of a doll ranges from 82 cm of torso to 175 cm of life size. What’s more, these dolls are made of a human like steel skeleton, so you can express it clearly, which may make them a little heavy. For these reasons, you should choose dolls wisely and according to the size and weight you can handle.
Things to know when buying sex dolls
Due to the different body shape and structure of dolls, the following points must be kept in mind when looking for synthetic sexual partners:
What kind of breasts do you want, or what kind of body do you dream of? For example, large, medium and small tits.
What is the ideal waistline?
What’s the size of the hips? For example, if you’re a booty lover, you’ll choose a big butt.
What do you want your doll to look like? For example, Latino, blonde, ebony or mature face?
In addition, if you want a doll, you can insert one into it
If you want to make your own doll according to the appearance you want, customization options are very important. If you are just a doll and look like some of the photos listed on our website, please let us know.
Here are some options you can customize:
Head – a variety of heads, allowing you to choose the perfect head according to your needs. Even some heads can choose to have a built-in realistic tongue
Hair – you can choose a variety of wigs
Eyes – many colors to choose from
Vaginal fixation or removal (mobile type is easy to clean, but fixation and removal need some skills)
Skin color – there are usually four skin colors (white, natural, tan or African black)
Nails multiple selection
Toenail color – a variety of colors to choose from
Nipple color – usually three colors (pink, natural or tan)
Vaginal color – usually three colors (pink, natural or tan)
Pubic hair – no pubic hair or can be customized with pubic hair
Removable tongue is widely used by photographers
Hook – a good choice for hanging dolls. You can put dolls in the closet
Standing feet – a good choice to let the doll stand on a flat surface
Nursing products, etc.
Packaging – ordinary or special flight box
How to choose and buy the best doll for you
What you need to know about buying sex dolls
Transportation and disposal
Usually transportation and loading and unloading are free, we use FedEx or UPS delivery. In some countries, there are import taxes charged by customers and most dolls. In some countries / regions, we offer you the option of prepaying import tax. This option should be used to speed up the delivery process.
We also offer the option to send the doll to the local FedEx store, where you can pick her up at your convenience.
Transportation is private and prudent, the box will not contain any label or description related content;)
Looking for a certified doll supplier.
Sex dolls should have quality and durability. Please be sure to buy Dolls from a certified doll supplier, otherwise you will regret having fake or inferior products.

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