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lifelike sex doll faces high and low temperatures - lifelike sex doll

lifelike sex doll afraid of heat or cold?The real expert advice is to treat the TPE material in sex dolls as human skin. Lifelike sex dolls mainly have the ability to resist extreme temperatures,including high and low temperatures. However, for the exact temperature range suitable for polymer materials, this statement is not very clear.
People usually think that the temperature should be kept at-40ºC and 140ºC, but there is no evidence or research that this precise temperature range is correct.
Studies have shown that you should avoid using water above 40ºC to clean your TPE realistic sex doll; warm or hot water will cause the best sex dolls to lose its consistency and begin to melt.
Dolls are like human skin. When exposed to very high temperatures, the skin becomes soft and burns.
TPE is a very soft material, it is easier to stretch back and forth, but once its consistency is destroyed, The lifelike sex doll effect will not be reversed. Compared with TPE material, silicone material can withstand extremely high temperatures

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