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Life size sex doll |Life size sex doll maintenance method | globalrealdoll

After purchasing your sex doll it becomes part of daily life. It is therefore important that you clean and care for it. After all, your Adult sex doll has cost your credit card a fortune. Neglecting to take care can lead to irreparable damage.

We have created a guide that will help you to understand the proper ways of opening, maintaining, storing, and disposing of your life size sex doll. If you are curious, keep reading.

Why is it so important for you to clean your sex doll? Each person buys a doll for a reason. Sex dolls have a certain quality: they are beautiful, sexy, and soft-touch. These are exactly the kind of things men desire for a girl.

A thermoplastic rubber life size sex doll, also known as TPE, is made up of both plastic and rubber. This mixture makes the doll flexible and easy in use. Due to its incredible flexibility and soft texture TPE is preferred for sex-doll manufacturing.

It doesn’t automatically mean your love doll will be made of the finest material.

Clean your doll every day to ensure its freshness. You can also sterilize your doll to prevent any infection or microbes.

Your doll should be treated with care. If you fail to clean it properly, mold buildups could cause your doll to be damaged. Worse yet, these molds can cause skin irritation, especially for your privates.

How to care for your life size sex doll.
Unboxing Instructions for Newly-Bought Love Dolls
After your sexy doll arrives safely transport it to a space that is large. Take a pair, knife, or cutter and open the box. Next, use your clean hands to carefully lift the sexy doll. Clean your hands well as any dirt could cause skin irritations to your life size sex doll.

You will receive written instructions with your package. This will provide detailed instructions on how to put together your doll. No matter how excited and proud you are about your beloved doll, be sure to follow this step-by step guide. You must use common sense.

If your pamphlet did not include written instructions, you can always check out the website to find them. Instruction manuals will often be available from sex doll manufacturers’ websites.

Save Your Love Doll From Color Stains
You have many choices of clothes and accessories that you can purchase for your sexy doll. You should be aware that the clothing, particularly the dark-colored, can stain the doll’s skin. The clothes should be washed at least twice as often as you did the first time, or until any color bleeding has occurred in the water.

You should also ensure that your best sex doll wears clean clothes. You could endanger the delicate skin by stains on the clothes.

In the unlikely event that your doll is stained by TPE, the package includes a cream that can remove it. You can apply the cream to the affected area, and allow it to dry for several hours.

What Should You Do with a Water-Based Lube
While you are having your sexual encounters with your love doll, it is recommended that a water-based oil be used. Other lubricants which aren’t water-based can cause severe skin irritations to your sex toys and may even cause permanent damage.

Vaseline or baby oil can be used instead for people who don’t want to use water-based products. To have a smooth and enjoyable experience with your partner, you should use water-based oils.

Bathtub Use: Be Safe!
A different cleaning method is needed for the head your life size sex doll. It is not a good idea to immerse its head in water. It’s a dangerous method.

The doll’s sensitive areas are its head and face. It can get infected if you allow it to go submerged underwater. A bath is fine for your doll. Do not drown the doll’s head.

The Best Equipment to Clean Dolls’ Holes
Soft Loofah
You can scrub your doll with a soft loofah. Do not scrub your doll without removing all dirt and debris. This will result in a deterioration of its skin and can make it smelly. Unclean dolls can worsen skin irritation.

life size sex doll Vaginal irrigation
You can clean your sexy doll’s vaginal canal with a vaginal cleaner, also called an anal or enemabulb. This equipment can be used in a few minutes. It is very easy to use. Simply wash your doll with soapy warm water. After a sex session, you can wash your doll with both warm and cold water. This will ensure that it is clean and tidy.

life size sex doll Hand Shower
Use a hand shower to clean your life size sex doll. You will be in control of the steam and the pressure of the water as you clean your love toy doll. A hand shower is also available that allows you to use the water to clean a single part of your doll.

Also, be sure to separate clean the doll’s wig.

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