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real doll sexdoll |How to identify real doll sexdoll | globalrealdoll

We found many real doll sexdoll sold at such a high price. Many illegal businessmen also hang sheep head and sell vinegar. We are going to unravel it.

TPE real doll sexdollsilicone male sex toy. The doll is of high quality with soft softness, smooth and smooth feel, high authenticity and white flesh color.

2, Genuine products have a light scent, others are almost tasteless.

3, High quality Physical real doll may be reused without any problems.

4, TPE materials can be used in a variety of applications. They are generally non-toxic and eco-friendly.

5, High-quality real doll is generally environmentally friendly, tasteless, high efficiency, high health, transparency, anti-yellow and non-toxic, long service life and physiological inertia.

6.Regular real doll sexdoll manufacturers must comply with industry standards.

7 A real doll sexdoll can be made in four to five days. Some lifelike sex doll need more time.

The difficulty of making dolls is one factor that accounts for the high price. There is a big difference between a 2,000-dollar real doll sexdoll and a few hundred-dollar inflatable dolls. You get what’s on your side!

TPE soft glue is becoming more and more popular in the real doll sexdoll industry.The physical and hardness of different TPE materials are different. These facts may be familiar to manufacturers of adult products. This knowledge is not necessarily new for people who aren’t familiar with TPE, or those who are simply interested in this material.

8, TPE may seep oil. This is a normal process. A month later there will likely be oil seepage. However, TPE materials that are poor quality will smell strongly and be stored in an extremely short time. A real doll sexdoll made of unqualified TPE materials may rot after a month.

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