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How to identify high-quality sex dolls

We found many users for entity doll to sell such a high price said don’t understand, plus many illegal businessmen hang sheep head sell vinegar, hanging entity doll pictures, is in fact sell inflatable dolls, let a lot of people cheated, that is sceptical on entity dolls, so more don’t want to know why so expensive entity doll. So today we’re going to decrypt it:

1、The physical doll is made of TPE and silica gel. The high-quality doll has elasticity, soft hardness, smooth and soft feel, white flesh color, high surface smoothness and strong authenticity。

2、Genuine goods have a light fragrance, some do not, almost tasteless。

3、Good quality physical dolls can be used over and over again without problems。

4、TPE materials are generally environmentally friendly and non-toxic, without any negative effects on the human body。

5、High quality entity dolls generally have the advantages of environmental protection, high efficiency and tasteless, high level of health, high transparency, anti-yellow, non-toxic and tasteless, long service life, physiological inertia, biological aging resistance and other characteristics。

6、Formal manufacturers have industry standards, you can refer to the price, we do not think of a cheap price to buy high quality entity doll。

7、It takes at least four to five days to make a physical doll, and some custom dolls take even longer.

One reason for the high cost and the other is the complexity of making dolls. So there’s a big difference between a $2,000 doll and a couple hundred inflatable dolls. You get what you pay for!

At present, TPE soft rubber in the physical doll industry is increasingly widely used. The hardness and physical properties of TPE materials used by different manufacturers are different. This knowledge may be familiar to established manufacturers of adult products. However, for those who are new to the physical doll industry or interested in it, they may not know much about this kind of material since they have not been exposed to TPE before。

8、TPE will seep oil is a normal phenomenon, such as a month later there will be oil seepage, but poor quality TPE materials will be stored in a very short time, such as within an hour, and give out a strong and pungent smell, then we need to pay attention to this time! For example, toys made from substandard TPE materials may rot after a month of storage

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