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Sex dolls for Men | How to do TPE sex doll Piercings | globalrealdoll

Piercing is the process to decorate different parts of the body using metallic rings or other small items. It’s a way to show off through their bodies and show diverse kinds of beauty. Additionally, piercings can create an uncontrollable sexual attraction that is noticeable in sex dolls for men.

TPE dolls for sex come with the same skin with real touch as humans, making them ideal for piercing. A lot of dolls wear navel piercings and earrings and even nipple piercings on their dolls! Imagine that your favorite doll is in a hot navel piercing! Do you feel it has turned you on?

Let’s begin by doing tattoos on sex dolls!

Prepared for Sexual Doll Perforations:

The tiny Spike Tool(paper clip or a long sewing needle) A pair of Earrings(or other perforations)

Be sure to check the size of the needle for piercing is the same (or slightly smaller) as the earrings.

This TPE Sex dolls for Men piercings tutorial will teach you how to apply piercings on TPE Dolls. You can use TPE Dolls piercings anywhere!


First step: Find out the location you’d like the piercing to be. This is your ear for an illustration. Draw a line in the area that needs to be pierced to avoid asymmetry.

Step 2. Unscrew the fixing balls on the earrings.

Step 3. The needle’s sharp end with the mark. Then, firmly puncture the ear till punctured. Keep it in place.

4. Place the earrings towards the end of the needle. Then, after withdrawing the needle, insert the earring into the hole.

Notice: TPE is a very dense and thick substance. Follow the instructions in the previous paragraph, otherwise, the hole won’t be discovered after pulling the needle out. You will not be able to put earrings into the hole.

Phase 5: After the earrings are securely in place then screw the ball that holds them in place back on.

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