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How Much Are You Willing To Spend On A Sex Doll?

When it comes to purchasing a sex doll one of the main questions is “how much are you willing to spend on a Sex Doll”? There are so many options to choose from that you might be very confused about where should you even start. In this article, we can give you some advice on how to pick, how to buy, and what to expect for the price that you will be paying for your sex doll.

First of all, research the market. There are plenty of websites offering Sex Dolls of all sorts and kinds, like

Think about what would you like her to be like (eye color, hair color, skin color, etc.) Choose her style, outfit, hair-do, and focus on other little and important details. Websites like Sexy Real Sex Dolls can even let you create your custom-made doll, that will look like the girl from your dreams.

Decide on what material would you like to focus, whether it is TPE, Silicone, or other. We previously reviewed the materials in this article, where we explained all pros and cons of both TPE and Silicone. Silicone tends to be more expensive that TPE. Keep that in mind, when you are thinking about the price of a sex doll.
How much are you willing to spend on a Sex Doll?
If you are choosing just the torso, made from TPE material, regular market price averages around $1000. The torso is usually the one that has just the body and comes with no legs. These models are much cheaper, but we would recommend a full-body one for realistic, human-like experience, which you will truly enjoy.

Full-body one made from TPE could be anywhere from $1500 to $3000, or even more. If you find something cheaper, it is always a risk, because the material might not be what you expected. Beware of a low price – it could potentially hurt your health and cause frustration. High-quality full-body sex dolls made from TPE are always pricey, but they are so worth it. This is an investment that you will not regret.

Silicone dolls are usually cost more than $2000. The material they are made from in not porous, so it will be very easy to clean and sanitize your doll, which could be a big benefit. They are very durable and super-soft. They are less likely to lose their shape, and they can stretch much easier. There are lots of other benefits to getting a silicone sex doll discussed in this article.

Whichever one you end up picking should not disappoint you. Remember to stay away from the cheap ones, and take time researching different types and models that will accommodate your needs!

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