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After the coronavirus outbreak, soap operas as well as other TV shows are starting to rise in popularity. However, there are some hurdles to overcome in the new normal.

The Bold and the Beautiful TV Show, produced by Bell- Phillip Television Production had to figure out a way they could film the show’s sex scenes in the face of social distancing. Because of this, their production specialists suggested using a realsex dolls from the past.

The show is the only one that has returned to filming since the lifting of coronavirus -related lockdowns by the government. Bradley Bell (head writer and executive producer), says the biggest challenge when filming is to keep scenes steamy while keeping casts distant from one another.Bell and his production team attempted to cut all the show’s kissing scenes. However, the story didn’t flow as planned.

The show’s award-winning production team and crew required extra creativity. The Bold and the Beautiful won an Emmy nomination for its 35 million viewer engagement. They also earned an advertising revenue stream of $36 million in 2019 compared to $8 million the first quarter in 2020.

The leading men and the women in scenes that require intimate moments will swap with their spouses, even though they are not necessarily quarantining with one another. Bell is the first person to have a double kissing partner for the shows he produces.Other than that, the scene doubles would be dusted out, wigged, and makeup swabbed with realsex dolls.

It is not the first time that mannequins, or realsex dolls, were used to substitute for real people. best Sex dolls were used for filling in the stands in a soccer tournament in Korea. Mannequins were also used in restaurants to fill empty seats.The show will however use dolls this time for realsex dolls.

Bell said that they have life-like blowup toys that have been available for 15 years. They have used these dolls to film different scenes, even when the actors were presumed dead. His team will get the realsex dolls out of storage, change their wigs, retouch their make-ups, then use them in the show’s love scenes.

Bell explained that it will not feel like acting with a CGI character. Each actor will only be performing the actions inches away. The actor and small sex doll will perform nose-to-nose in the heat. However, they will actually be shooting the love scenes on their own.

Safety measures are taken by the crew and staff for the Show’s employees

The Bold and the Beautiful cast and staff went through many safety measures to ensure their health. Each cast member had to pass COVID-19 testing before they were allowed on-set.

There will be an assigned coordinator responsible for controlling the number of performers on stage at once. Props, hair makeup, crew and production staff are separated from each other by a glass partition.

Bell explained that the show’s crew has been prepping for the return for at most a month. To ensure safety for everyone, modifications have been made to both the studio and the production booth. They also developed testing protocols. Reel Health is now helping them to navigate this new normal.

Bell stated that they are eager to return to filming and will do so. Safety remains their highest priority once they’ve returned to production.

Bell Will Buy More realsex dolls

Bell and his team were able to pose the doll convincingly after trying it. They will then see how filming using the blowup dolls turns out. Bell intends to purchase more male realsex dolls in the event that it goes well.

Bell also reached to the spouses, partners, and children of the show’s stars. Since they are all in quarantine together, Bell asked them whether they would be willing body doubles in some kissing scenes. Some of them would like to be kissing doubles.

Before they can film, their spouses will be tested to ensure that they are compliant with COVID-19. Bell also wants to make certain that the husband/wife feel comfortable in front camera while they kiss. The production team will use several camera tricks in order to make it look like the actual leading man/leading lady is the one kissing in the scenes.

The Bold and the Beautiful had its last filming on March 13th. The cast was not certain when they would be able to resume shooting, but they felt that it might only last a few short weeks. Bell was always in contact with the cast, crew, as well as actors. Bell would make a tentative date during virtual meetings. Since the government had not lifted their lockdown during this time, it was continually moved.

Bell stated that current plans include mentioning the pandemic in the show’s story but not diving into it.

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