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Dummies: sex dolls or more hipsters

In the past, sex dolls appeared in TV programs and movies. Sometimes the description is creative, sensitive and even interesting. One example is Lars and the real girl, starring Ryan gosling. Now someone decided to put the whole sitcom around an inflatable doll. The show is a fake, CO starring Anna Kendrick (perfect pitch), Scott Pilgrim (Scott Pilgrim), roll and Donald Logue (brother Tan, son of analysis, Patriot).

Plot summary

In the play, Cody (Kendrick) finds out that her boyfriend has an inflatable doll. Not surprisingly, she was very upset at first. Soon after, however, she fell in love with the doll and formed a very strange friendship. Yes, the inflatable doll talked to her. Prepare to suspend doubt.

It could be a short-term series. The play is broadcast on the emerging network quibi, which is known for its expertise in making mobile screen shows. The plot here is also very short. The dummies appear for about six minutes per episode.

What are the benefits of Dummies

First of all, we like that every character here is three-dimensional. Yes, there is an inflatable doll, but he has never been described as an eccentric or abnormal person. We are also happy to see a couple integrating sex dolls into their relationship in a reasonable and healthy way.

No matter how well people accept sex dolls, the writing here is very good. Both stars have comic seals and are shown. The plot is fast-paced and the audience wants to see more at the end. The dummies managed to be smart without falling into predictable sex jokes.

In addition, we would like to see any unconventional performance. It’s nice to see something really unique when most of the series are just reflections on old ideas or exploitative reality shows. Even better, watching a “companion comedy” has a creative twist, replacing the usual love behavior with a successful but neurotic woman and an inflatable doll.

Is there anything wrong with that?

We have to be honest. Nothing here can win an Emmy. This will not lead to any major social change. The play itself is also a kind of self indulgence of Creator Cody Heller, because it is the result of her love affair with Rick and Morty co creator Dan Harmon (Dan Harmon). The program also provides humorous insights on serious topics. Some viewers may feel uncomfortable about it. However, the show is creative, interesting and unique. On the whole, we think it’s worth seeing.

Why do fans of sex dolls care?

We are acutely aware that men and women who like to use sex dolls are often seriously misunderstood and abused. Therefore, we are always interested in any misunderstanding that destroys the creative work of dolls. In this case, we will see receptive dolls, a sense of humor and creative writing. Hopefully this will encourage anyone to buy custom dolls in the fence! We think it’s worth a try. In fact, we hope that sex dolls have more positive content. We would certainly like to know any suggestions from our customers.

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