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DOLL HOUSE 168 : Everything You Need To Learn About Them

Doll House 168 started in 2015. After selling dolls for many decades, they decided to use their experience to become a TPE sex manufacturer. Doll House 168 is a Chinese brand of sex toys that is determined to fulfill their mission. Doll House 168 abides by the vision they have, which is to produce original designs and sex toys that meet the requirements of their customers. They strive for a frame design which resembles the movements and postures of real people. Their manufacturing takes place in China, but the main office is located in Taiwan. They originally intended to offer products only to Chinese clients, but have since expanded their business and partnered with countries throughout America, Asia, Europe, and the rest of Asia. It was a huge success. Doll House168 products can be found all around the world.

A Company with a Mission

Numerous awards have been presented to Doll House 168 for their exceptional service and dedication in producing high quality products. Doll House 168’s goal is to not only become the largest doll manufacturing business, but also to foster the culture of dolls. They believe that their products not only provide pleasure for the body but also improve the quality and safety of our lives.

Doll House 168 is Unique:

The production of sexy dolls using both Silicone and Thermoplastic Elastomer TPE is not a new concept in the industry. Doll House168 offers both materials to guarantee that they can satisfy the needs of all their valued clients. Additionally, the company uses anime references to create unique models and designs for their sex toys. They make their products to look and feel like Animes. However, they have the bodies that are more realistically shaped for women. They are also known for making dolls with Asian-inspired beauty. They spent a lot of time and effort to ensure that their dolls looked as natural as possible. Surprisingly Doll House 168’s sex dolls have a price that is comparable to top brands.

The article will tell curious readers all they need about Doll House 168 sexy dolls. Everything from the materials and price to unique features.

Maintaining the Quality Of Your Sex Dolls

The below are some tips to help take care of silicone-based sex dolls made by Doll House168.

Sex doll owners must remember the most important tip: Always use lubricant while using their sex toys. This tip is crucial as it prevents the material wearing and from tearing. It provides a realistic feeling when you use the doll, especially if it is made from water and has a warm temperature.

Don’t wear clothes on sex dolls. You can keep the material safe, like indentation and damage, by not wearing tight clothes. This also helps prevent your doll from turning a discolored color due to clothes that may transfer the doll’s color onto their skin.

Always carefully examine and scan your sex toys’ parts and details. Most dolls come with a tool kit to repair them. This means that doll owners are responsible for checking their dolls for repairable parts. Owners are advised that they give their sexy dolls one day to verify and ensure its quality.

Let us now, without further introduction, show off some of Doll House 168’s finest and most sought-after sex dolls.

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