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Do You Worry About Your Feet Getting Dirty?

We got a lot of phone calls, emails and IM from customers, who were all asking a question: “what do I do if my sex doll’s feet get dirty?”  What if the feet of my sex doll teared? ”

This is a very common problem. We spend so much money on sex dolls. It’s a bit like looking after an art. A little bit of damage is very painful for us.

How to clean your sex doll if its feet are dirty?

Don’t trust someone’s immature methods, such as using alcohol or gasoline. People with a little common sense will know that these things will corrode your doll. You just need to add some bath water to clean it normally.

How to repair the doll’s torn toe?

The operation method is very easy. Apply TPE sex doll repair solvent on one side or two sides of the surface without surface treatment to make it contact closely. 1-2 minutes for positioning, 5-6 hours for maximum intensity.



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