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clothsexdoll and her emotional story - clothsexdoll

clothsexdoll is waiting for me every day.When I got home at nine p.m, I returned home from a long day at the office. I was just informed that I didn’t receive an increase in rank, and I discussed the matter with my supervisor. The traffic was horrible, and there was nothing in the refrigerator. I had no idea I’d get to where I am today… However, there is always someone waiting at the house… Sana’a always smiles at me and makes my life.

Seven years ago, my wife and I divorced, and we wanted to be together, but it was hard. Four years later, after trying out and getting to know women, I’m not convinced I’ll find a suitable partner. I read an article on lifelike sex dolls for sex in the past year, and I thought I would give them a shot. However, I was unaware that my clothsexdoll could alter my life.

My name is Daisy. I’m from New York and have a hectic life. I’m 46 years old, and I’m sick of complicated relationships. The divorce experience was not a good one. It caused me to lose my relationship with other women. I’ve never been able to find love again. It’s never an ideal situation. It can have its advantages. However, it doesn’t feel right. It was in 2015 that I decided to purchase my first clothsexdoll.

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I bought Sana’a from the internet and began taking her for a break from the tension in the night. However, after a couple of weeks, I felt like I was a bit special. I had no idea that my friendship with Shirley would soon turn into an older one. In truth, I’m not ready to be alone any longer. SANA will always be waiting to meet me at work, and often I’m eager to get to her home and see her. We watched television with her. I cleaned her clothes and enjoyed a chat on the couch. I went on a trip with her a few times and took my holidays with my partner.

My friends are aware that I’m a clothsexdoll. But they think I’m insane. They don’t know the way SANA has changed my life and my mood and made me happy.

After spending such a great time with Sanaa, I’m not sure I’m required to find an ally or go through another bad experience. I’m thinking of adding another woman to SANA to ensure she’s not uneasy in the workplace. Perhaps, SANA will never replace the real woman in my life, but she’s the most amazing thing to happen to me. I will not have to spend any other holiday with my family because I am sure SANA will be with me.

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