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An Owner’s Experience of Spending the Holidays With His Sex Doll

A lot of people are hesitant with the idea of buying their own sex dolls, specifically due to its expensive price. But to Tony, sex dolls are an important part of his everyday life. According to him, he is not sure how his life would turn out if he does not have Jasmine, his charming sex doll by his side. As a sex doll enthusiast, Tony likes to study practical topics involving how he could incorporate a sex doll into his day to day life. And Tony is actually making it work.

According to Tony, he was raised in a Christian home and followed strict disciplinarian parents. He also once hated the idea of living alone with sex dolls. However, due to self-awareness and continuous efforts by manufacturers to improve the quality and functionality of sex dolls, there are now numerous options when buying sex dolls and customers will never run out of choices.

Sex dolls began as inflatable clones with limited functions. But due to consistent development, these dolls became more realistic and life-sized. Integrations such as silicone, TEP, movable joints, and full-body skeletons made the sex doll more human-like.

Tony himself was once hesitant to buy his own sex dolls. He was held up by the thought of having to spend a few hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a sex doll that goes against “societal values.” However, after coming up with a decision to finally buy one, Tony has proven to 1010himself that owning a sex doll is worth the money he spent. He had Jasmine, his sex doll, for almost two years now and he never had once thought of the cost he spent but rather the everyday experience that he has with his Jasmine.

But looking at the societal values, Tony thinks that it depends on what every individual thinks. According to Tony, his obsession with sex dolls come from his eagerness to attain information as well as the new developments that caused the doll to become very human-like. Tony has always been fond of researching topics that stir his curiosity. Furthermore, the issue of sex dolls was the one where he spent a significant amount of his teenage years with.

Setting aside the tricky economic decisions and harsh societal norms about sex dolls, Tony says that there is not a single reason why someone should not buy a sex doll.

Furthermore, a realistic sex doll is a good company during the holiday season. Below are some of the ideas of how you can integrate sex dolls on your holiday celebration:

Dress It Up With An Attire That Matches Yours
Regardless if it is Halloween or Christmas, you can dress up your sex doll with an outfit that matches yours. You certainly want to enjoy the Christmas season and one thing that you can do to make it more memorable is to spend it with your sex doll.

On the other hand, people who are fascinated with witches and vampires can enjoy Halloween with their sex dolls, too. Opt in to have an ideal costume for your doll and enjoy the day with each other. You can also mix and match different Halloween costume to see which one best fit your sex doll.

Watch A Movie With Your Doll
Of course, nothing beats a night where you can comfortably cuddle with your sex doll while enjoying a good movie. Choose a good movie for whatever holiday you are celebrating and enjoy the night together.

If you want to step up your bonding moment with your sex doll, you could put a little effort and build up a simple backyard theatre. Set it up with a couch and some pillows, so you can sit comfortably with your sex doll. Just don’t forget to set up a fireplace to keep your DIY theatre nice and warm.
Moreover, make sure that the movie you have chosen is something worth remembering. You can also choose to binge-watch a good series if you want to spend more time cuddling with your beloved sex doll.

Do Some Home and Backyard Decoration
This time, you can start off by doing some decoration shopping and tagging your sex doll while you are at it. As you may know, Christmas is a bit straightforward, so there are only a few things that you can do to improve your Christmas decor. For instance, you can decide to choose a theme and color for your decorations and then make a spot where you can put your doll and take some cool photos.

On the other hand, there are several ways that you can do to spice up your Halloween. If you do not want to go for a look that is way too obvious, or you are looking for something that requires physical activity, then you can grab a pumpkin and try out your carving skills. Not only that you will have a nice jack-o-lantern for your Halloween background decoration, but you will also have some good arm workout.

Exchange Gifts
There is no doubt that the noblest and most ideal thing that you can do during the holiday season is to exchange gifts with your partner. This will help you show some appreciation and gratitude towards your significant other. Sure enough, you know your sex doll very well, so it is easy to pick a gift based on her likings. Choose an appropriate gift for every holiday. For Halloween, some of the nice gift ideas are a witch survival kit, batty stuff, and socks, among others. On the other hand, you can buy a personalized cashmere sweater with color the suits your doll, a necklace, or an alluring bracelet.

You no longer have to spend your holidays alone. Spending the holidays with your sex dolls is something enjoyable. Plus, it only takes several planning and adjustments to make it work. In addition, most of the activities that you can do with your sex dolls are cost-effective and easy to do.

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