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Alternative uses for sex dolls

Adult sex education

tell the truth. Your health teacher can only tell you so much. When it comes to sexual mechanisms, and getting a partner (or yourself!) When we are happy, most of us rely on tests and tests. If we are lucky, someone will come and show us something or two.

Not everyone is so lucky. Imagine that the naked of the opposite sex is no longer visible when you are adult. Imagine, you hardly know how to wear condoms or insert a diaphragm. This can’t even solve the way sex works.

It’s a reality for many adults. People with strict education, or just shy people, may not have dating or sexual experience. When they start dating or marrying, it’s a real problem.

There is a good solution. Our sex game lovers and all the physical parts we sell are perfect choices for sex education. They can be used by sex therapists to provide guidance. Couples can try it before they try the real thing! We think it’s good, we like the idea that people can be confident in sex through our dolls.

Art projects

Artists who use another creative approach use sex dolls many times in their projects. A few years ago, actor James Franco created a carnival with sex dolls, reproducing the alleged behind scenes antics during the filming of gene rebells.

Franco is not alone. Artist June Korea photographed the doll. His art aims to explore human emotions. We think his painting is very amazing.

We think we have some very beautiful sex dolls that can be used in art devices very well. We can even imagine a particularly bold artist performing with a sex doll. A gorgeous doll like fate is perfect. Her classic look and ebony skin are absolutely amazing.

what about you? Have you ever used our sex characters in a cool or thoughtful art project? We are very happy to see it. Send us pictures or videos!

Personal protection

No, our dolls won’t be superheroes in trouble. However, they can still be used to help you feel safer. How did they do it? It’s easy. People traveling alone are more vulnerable, or worse, when harassed. There is a possible solution. Travel with sex dolls to create a delusion that you are not alone.

While there is no guarantee that it is effective and people should take other precautions, it can reassure you.

Clogged gifts

What kind of good intentions will the groom bring to the groom and leave you with wonderful stories? What is a perfect adult with only one useless Christmas present? The answer is sex doll.

Although we don’t think our dolls should be used for this purpose, blocking presents is definitely a popular alternative doll. In fact, it’s a bit classic. Still, we’ll say, leave our dolls on real things and joke about cheap fake human models.

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