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What about the interest in inflatable sex dolls

A Study Of inflatable sex doll Trends In Internet Search Behavior

Based on a report about the industry by Statista and the keywords of several big e-commerce websites for inflatable sex doll and sex The study employed to use the Google Trends tool to determine the importance of every keyword across the United States. The study included U.S. and European residents. The percentage of online sex toys searches compared to population and the growth and interest in adult sex toys across Europe as well as in the United States, and their relationship to the income (GDP for each person median monthly income) etc.

Of these they are, the volume of search results is determined by the 4 most popular sex toy types terms: Furry Sex dolls cup for airplanes, masturbators for males (sex doll bodies) and the general term (sex toy) that is typically utilized to find all sexual toy range is found in about 100,000. The estimated data for Google searches among the populace, yielded the following conclusion:

Interest of the world’s population patterns:

  1. In general, Swedes have a higher general curiosity in sexually explicit toys than any other nation in Europe followed by Denmark with 41.7 percent less than Sweden. The three other countries in the top five are UK, Norway, and Finland and have nearly double the amount of searches. For the U.S., the states are almost identical and none has a distinct advantage. The top five states include West Virginia, Oklahoma, Alaska, Maine, and Mississippi.
  2. Sex dolls are now the most loved toy for sex around the world and account for approximately 37 percent of market for sex toys. In the United States, United States is at the top of the list of search results.
  3. Dildos are the top sex toys in the market, with a 21 percent market share. It’s more loved across Europe more than the US and as Norway and Sweden looking for Dildos most.
  4. sex doll porn are popular comparable to that of Europe as well as the United States, with Maine and Iceland on most prominent positions but, relative to the other countries in general, the United States has an advantage in the rankings, with only one country in Europe in the top five.
  5. Condoms, sex dolls, and masturbators for males have been one of the top-growing items in the world of sex toys that is also popular in Europe as well as the US.
  6. In the US The greater your GDP, the more the demand for sexual toys. In Europe it’s exactly the same. Countries that have a greater GDP per capita show more interest in sexual toys.7. Fleshlight is now associated with “aircraft cup”.

Single result of a search inflatable sex dolls:

  1. Information on the search term “inflatable sex doll
    For every 100,000 adult that were surveyed, Swedes searched the word “Sex toys” more than twice as often as other nation in Europe and three times more than any other state of the United States. If you look at a comparison of state-by-state data within the U.S., it is obvious there are results comparable and no state is dominating the other in terms of numbers. For the US, Mississippi, West Virginia and Maine complete in the top three. In Europe the top three nations include Sweden, Denmark, and Norway.
  2. Data for search results for “male sex doll”
    Italy is the top-searched country for “inflatable sex doll,” having an average 326.6 monthly searches, three greater than that of the US state. Three of the top countries within Europe comprise Italy, Poland, and the Netherlands. U.S. states were very close in their searches in the rankings, with Louisiana at the top of the list, ranked No. 1. Mississippi as runner-up, and Oklahoma, Texas, and Wyoming placed third.
  3. Keywords that are searched for in the search results for “Dildos”
    The monthly search results of “dildos” are highest in Norway with 285.4 which means it’s very popular in Norway as well as Europe Norway, and Sweden are both at the top of the list for Dildos-related searches. The popularity of it is higher within Europe rather than the US The top-ranked state for searches related to “dildos” is Alaska with 181 monthly searches. West Virginia and North Carolina being a bit further behind Alaska.

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