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A lonely person said his feelings after buying a sex doll worth 1969 dollars during the lock-in period of COVID-19

Scott Pearson is a 53-year-old man who has been single for nearly 20 years. Now that the global COVID-19 pandemic has isolated everyone from the world, he chose to buy a sex doll, which, according to him, looks like Janet Jackson.

He added that this sex doll, his name is Parthenia, has been with him during the lonely night when he was alone in isolation.

Pearson, a kitchen porter, pointed out that his unworkable working hours made it difficult for him to maintain relationships with women. For this very good reason, a sex doll is a perfect companion for him.

A lonely person said that he was not shy after buying a sex doll worth 1969 USD to accompany him during the lock-in period of COVID-19

Pearson says he is not ashamed of owning a sex doll
This lone single person lives in Brighton, East Sussex. He said that he did not like to call Parthenia a “sex doll”. On the contrary, he prefers to call it “love doll” or “partner”.

Pearson also emphasized that he is not ashamed of owning a sex doll. This is because he believes he has done nothing wrong.

In addition, Pearson revealed that he had been married for 30 years. Unfortunately, his marriage ended in a painful divorce in 2020.

Pearson said that with his love doll, he doesn’t have to experience heartbreak anymore. He also added that he was working for a long time and did not have time to deal with relationships with women. He added that he likes to have his own space for him to have peace and tranquility.

However, it is important for everyone to release their tension. In fact, Pearson admitted that he was very upset about work before buying sex dolls.

But now that he has Parthenia, he says he is happier. This is because loving the doll calmed him a lot and reduced his loneliness.

The feeling of having sex as a life partner
When asked how it feels to be lying in bed with his beloved doll, Pearson said he didn’t find it strange. In fact, this feeling is like having sex with a real person.

A lonely person said that he was not shy after buying a sex doll worth 1969 USD to accompany him during the lock-in period of COVID-19

In addition, he also praised the thermoplastic elastomer or TPE material used to make the doll. This is because the above materials can make the doll feel like a real person. He pointed out that his love doll is a soft rubber with a metal frame. Therefore, hugging Parthenia while Pearson is watching TV is like hugging a real woman.

In addition, Pearson lives alone, so his love doll provided a lot of help for his company during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Parthenia is the third character doll owned by Pearson. His other two dolls made him spend Christmas. According to Pearson, it does not matter how many friends a person has, but it is very difficult to celebrate Christmas alone.

In addition, Pearson is proud of showing his relationship with Parthenia online. It doesn’t even matter to him that people who have seen pictures of him with a love doll call him a pervert. However, he still believes that it is unfair for those who call him a pervert. This is because he believes he has done nothing wrong. He also added that, similar to other romantic relationships, he does all things related to sex through the love doll with the door closed.

He also pointed out that his love doll is not a secret. All his friends and colleagues are aware of the existence of Aiwawa. Pearson also added that he posted his photo with the love doll online to laugh.

However, Pearson admitted that he would never bring his love doll to public. His reason is that if someone other than him encounters Parthenia, he will be completely unhappy.

Pearson also praised his love doll for reducing his selfishness. He said that before buying Lovedoll, the only thing he thought of was himself.

But now that he has Parthenia, he has people who can buy wigs, clothes, eyelashes and jewelry. Pearson also said that buying things for his love doll is like buying things for a real woman. However, the only difference is that a real woman can wear her own clothes and comb her hair. On the other hand, Aihua needs its owner to do everything for her.

In addition, Pearson is completely fascinated by his love doll, and he is working hard to give it a perfect image.

Final thoughts
There is no denying that a sex doll is a useful creation of a person who lives alone. This is because sometimes it is easier to buy a sex doll as a lifelong partner, rather than looking for a human partner.

In addition, people like Pearson don’t have much free time to accompany their partners. Therefore, it is more difficult for them to maintain a healthy relationship. As we all know, spending less time with your partner can cause them to frustrate and fight. If this matter continues, it is clear that the ending will be broken. But for sex dolls, the situation is different. These creations will not ask you anything. If you don’t spend time with sex dolls, you won’t be naive. Even more convincing is that it will not refuse any operation you want to use it.

Having said that, sex dolls are the ideal companion for everyone. They will make you feel less lonely, especially at night, because you can hug them.

The perfection of sex dolls is the reason why the sex doll industry is booming. More and more people are fascinated by the idea of ​​having sex dolls. Therefore, we can expect the industry to maintain growth for a long time.


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