GlobalrealDoll is a international and professional adult doll reseller. We’re the official authorized reseller of realistic TPE/Silicone sex dolls, and we have cooperated with many famous brand sex doll manufacturers, such as WM DollYL DollSE DollPiper DollIrontech DollXY DollDoll House 168Forever Doll etc.Click here to view our doll brand authorization certificate.


All of the branded sex dolls you purchased on are 100% authentic sex dolls ONLY. We have got authorization certificates from multiple TDF accredited manufacturers. Some manufacturers don’t provide certificates, but you can track all your orders from the original manufacturers. NO COUNTERFEIT HERE! So… if you’re looking for a REAL realistic sex doll, you’re in the right place.

Sex Dolls Scam Alert*: Some scam websites steal our banner! Be aware that a significantly cheaper price is a red flag that it’s a counterfeit fake copy of an authentic love doll. Counterfeit doll sellers are rampant on the internet using doll photos stolen from an authentic manufacturer’s website. Don’t want to get ripped off when buying a sex doll? Don’t buy a sex doll, before reading these tips!

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High Quality

High Quality

With medical silicone and TPE material, metal skeleton and flexible joints for many positions, we ensure safely human use.
Lifelike Doll

Lifelike Doll

Realistically shaped by professional sculptor, every detail such as face, body, and hole is made with your pleasure in mind.
Up To 50% Off

Up To 50% Off

Sales directly from the manufacturer with most cost-effective. free-shipping worldwide. Promotional price is even up to 50%.
Quick Response

Quick Response

Start making sex doll for you within 8 hours after payment, Inquiry by chat box any time or get an Email reply within 4 hours.
Privacy Protection

Privacy Protection

Order information is encrypted. Confidential parcel shipment. No product details on the parcel, just as a mysterious gift.
Reliable Express

Reliable Express

With DHL, UPS, FedEx and special express delivery channels, it will be fast, stable, safe to arrive at your door in 7-15 days.

Hentai Sexdolls

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SexDolls For Sale

Sexdolls for sale are a great way to fulfill your sexual fantasies without having to spend hours with real people. These toys are made of pure silicone resin and have a complete body structure of a real woman, including vagina, anus, and cute mouth. These toys are not only incredibly realistic, b...

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Buying a Furry Sex doll

If you’re a fan of kinky ideas, you’ll want a furry sex doll. Not only is a furry sexdolling experience more fun and exciting, but it can be an excellent way to experience kink on a regular basis. These dolls are realistic and have moving legs and tails. If you’re unsure about w...

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Real Life Sex Doll

 real life sex doll is a replica of a human genitalia. It is made of a flexible and durable metallic skeleton. Its skin is soft and elastic, so it will not get dirty. And it can be easily moved around. These toys have many benefits. The fact that they don’t get tired or sick can make them a...

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Why Buy a Small SexDoll?

If you are a beginner who is still learning about sex, you may want to start with a small sexdoll. These dolls are light and flexible, and are the perfect size for beginners. As you get more comfortable with the small size, you can move on to life-size versions as you become more confident. And w...

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Adult Sex Dolls

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Tips to Choosing the Best Sex Doll for You

Are you looking to buy your first sex doll or overwhelmed by the several varieties of sex dolls available on the market? At GlobalRealDoll, our job is to make your search for the best sex doll much easier. We are a professional and international sex doll retail store, and we’ve got the right authorization and knowledge to provide you with a 100 % real life sex doll that meets all your needs.

When people imagine sex dolls, some picture an inflatable sex toy that looks nothing close to a real woman or man. The sex doll industry is very fast-growing; there are newer, more realistic sex dolls designed with everything you want in a real person. Sex dolls today are designed with high-quality hyper-plastic materials that go the extra length to mimic the feel of real human skin. In fact, there are real life sex dolls with pre-installed artificial intelligence, which allows them to interact and respond like a real human; cool, right?

Finding the best sex doll for your needs is not as difficult as it may seem. If you don’t have the budget for an over-the-top, expensive sex doll, we have the best quality cheap sex dolls that’ll work just fine. The most important thing is to choose a sex doll with features that meet up with your sexual preference. To make your search less difficult, we have put together this guide on everything you need to know about sex dolls for sale.

Different Types of Sex Dolls

If you are a first-time shopper at our store and want to get the best sex doll, you need enough information about the different types of sex dolls you can find. Whether you have a limited budget or special requests, at GlobalRealDoll, we’ve got exactly what you are looking for. Some of the common types of sex dolls for sale are explained below.

    • Full-Size Sex Dolls: These are also called full-body sex dolls. They are real life sex dolls that are perfectly designed with all the anatomical features you’ll expect to find in a real human being.
    • Parts Only: These types of sex dolls don’t come with complete body parts. It’s an entry-level sex doll, especially if this is your first time. It’s also a great option if you’re interested in cheap sex dolls 
    • Mini-Sex Dolls: These dolls have everything you’ll find in a full-size sex doll, but it’s much smaller than the average woman.
    • Male Sex Doll: These have all the structures you’d find in a man. They are built with a masculine body, toned muscles, bionic penis, and variables like facial hair.
    • Sex Robots: These are next-level sex dolls. They are designed with artificial intelligence that makes them interact and respond to touch like real humans.

How to Keep Your Sex Doll Clean

When you buy expensive or cheap sex dolls, the intention is for them to be in good health for a very long time. This is why thinking about the different ways you can clean, store and maintain your doll is important when you find a nice sex doll for sale.

Sex dolls that aren’t cleaned properly tend to smell awful and breed bacteria which could give you an infection. Some of the items you’ll need to keep your sex doll clean include:

    • Antibacterial soap
    • Soft or microfiber cloth
    • Baby oil
    • Vaseline
    • Squirt water bottle or vaginal irrigator
    • Powder or corn starch
    • Comb
    • Towel
    • Showerhead
    • Soft loofah on a stick

Below are a few steps to follow if you want to learn how to clean your sex doll

    1. Right after you use your sex doll, get your vaginal irrigator and fill it with little soap and water. Insert the open end of the irrigator into the orifice and flush out the sex remains.
    1. Add a little bit of soap on the loofah on a stick and gently use it to wash the insides of your doll. Use the squirt bottle or the showerhead to rinse out the soap inside the orifice.
    1. If you want to shower with your doll, remove the head and wrap it in plastic or foil.
    1. Dry your doll carefully with a soft or microfiber cloth.
    2. When it’s fully dry, massage it with baby powder and use Vaseline on the joints and orifices.